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Born in 2009, the useDesign Studio deals with product design, exhibition design, graphics and art directions. We strongly believe in a design characterized by artistic values, philosophy and ethics, and we constantly strive to communicate, through our creations, our society, our history and the ties, sometimes difficult to perceive, that we have with the everyday products. Characterized by a playful and participative important component, the products of the useDesign Studio are characterized by the use of color, the materials and the simple forms that evoke the everyday objects of our past.

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Birth date 18/04/2009
Fair Salone del Mobile - Milan 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Macef - Milan 2011, 2012, 2013 ...and several other smaller design and furniture fairs
Specialization Beds, Wardrobes, Dining rooms, dining nooks & living rooms, Hall furniture, Children's bedrooms, Occasional furniture, Tables and chairs, Rush and rattan furniture, Garden furniture, Outdoor lighting, Indoor lighting, Event Lighting, Lighting systems, Light sources, Kitchens, Kitchen furnishing accessories, Office furniture, Office accessories, Bathroom accessories, Bathroom furniture, Walls and floor coverings
Country Italy

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childhood collection

10 photos

How many times do we think about our childhood? Entire days spent playing "Cops and Robbers" armed with realistic plastic guns or chasing after friends in the backyard with large and funny water guns. It’s so different today, when images from the slums and poor areas of the world show us children forced to "live" with rifles and pistols in shoulder. Two opposite childhoods, but united by an object: the firearm. What primal instincts emerge from possessing a firearm when you're a kid? What happens in our minds when we don’t realize the difference between good and evil yet and we play or we are forced to grow up with guns in hand? The childhood collection was born out of these reflections to create original and useDesign-style table lamps where black and white represent Good and Evil in a sort of Dante Alighieri’s retaliation that transforms the old toy guns in elegant "bearers of light". A new line of useDesign products, handmade by Luca Scarpellini, entering your homes, re-bringing to life the objects from our past that evoke emotions, memories and feelings wich were lost over time.

evergreen project

2 photos

The evergreen project comes to life from the observation of the widespread Down syndrome and how it transforms normal human beings in very special people, in “evergreen” boys and girls: souls too big to be contained in a normal human body. With new products of the evergreen collection, Ilaria Innocenti and Luca Scarpellini undertake a study of this phenomenon, realizing design objects that contain two opposing worlds inside at the same time. Just as the children with Down syndrome, for which there is a different evolution of soul and body, the contents and the container of these new products come from two opposing categories. “With this line we tried to create objects whose new feature was the exact opposite of the starting one – say the two designers – and we are constantly working to enrich the evergreen catalog of new, fun and meaningful products.” Lightboards which force us to handwrite on an old computer monitor and coffee pot and cups impossible to fill because turned into a sound systems for ipod are just the beginning of evergreen products, signed by useDesign and ilaria.i.

useDesign luxury collection

25 photos

useDesign is not only a brand or a word-pun, it’s my artistic philosophy, e message for every one who tries to understand my work but also its own basics. Used objects with their unknown stories, their mysterious past visible only through years of usage amongst people, hits me, throws me violently in a state of subjection and awe of all these realities that are sealed for ever. Scratches or dents of old stuff coming from flea markets or scrap merchants makes me wonder of what it has passed before being abandoned in that sort of graveyards. Whose were these objects? How did people use them? And why didn’t these people throw them away, instead of “saving” and giving them the possibility of a new existence? If only had the used things eyes to see, memory to keep, and especially voice to speak… Lost in my thoughts I realize how frail the human mind is, subjected to a morbid curiosity and at the same time totally dominated by that proper instinct that drives us to madness. Escaping is my design. Escaping from all this, resignation to not understanding, not knowing, not satisfying our own instincts. My design is a funeral. With stuccos, waxes and paints I try to cover, as long as possible, the past of the objects, burying them under a layer of glamour and kitsch. My act, though, brings inevitably a new different life to the thing, and only its external shape recalls its previous ended life. In this way a telephone becomes a clock, a coffee-pot or a scale magically turn into a lamp. An old lawnmower, dangerous with its blades, silently enters a bedroom, to hold the cloths worn during a hard day of work, waiting for the next morning.

underSkin collection

14 photos

The underSkin collection is the new line of products by useDesign, more environmentally correct and cheaper than previous ones, designed for shops and lovers of the original useDesign pieces who can not afford the expensive pieces of colored Luxury line. Through a delicate and precise operation of blasting the past of the objects is cleared, swept away by the force of the sand, to show under the skin of materials. The metal shows its real face discovering its natural color, the wood warps and consumes revealing its veins and its defects and the plastic loses its shine faded from time to assumes a new velvety and delicate skin. Under a glossy layer these colors are fixed for a long time to gain the typical style of products made by Luca Scarpellini for useDesign.

trash_id collection

5 photos

trash_id: "trash" (garbage) plus "id" (industrial design), but also "trashid, the toxic slurry produced by waste. trash_id is the first useDesign approach to the mass production of their products, more and more environmentally correct, funny, emotional products, simple in shape and direct in the message as all useDesign creations are. Simplicity is synonymous of completeness: the objects that best represent or have represented the culture and history of design become symbols, images and shapes that resemble everyday actions of our past. Mill board carton and the pages of old magazines are the first materials chosen to achieve these environmentally correct objects with simple but rich design both in history and in emotions. The result is a collection of wall and table clocks which are showing on their surfaces the images taken from the beautiful magazines of our grandmothers and old geographical atlases. A nice way to get back in touch with the history of our country, through geographical and fashion changes of the last decades of the last century.

Sottomondo collection

6 photos

Alice falls asleep in the shade of a tree and dreams. She dreams of wonderful worlds, whose inhabitants are funny and crazy. The reassembled industrial forms of reclaimed objects created by Luca Scarpellini are now being revived by the colorful decorations designed and handcrafted by Ilaria Innocenti. The new life that the two designers created for fans, irons, hair helmets, buckets and teapots, gets now a higher value and becomes the medium to tell stories and to recount the adventures of the country dreamed by Alice. The Sottomondo Collection, signed by useDesign and ilaria.i, takes inspiration from the events narrated in the Seventeenth Century by Lewis Carroll, to reach the processing of common household objects of the last sixty years into on-off pieces, colorful and dynamic, that report the events and characters of the magical world of Alice. This is how an old and battered tin bucket is transformed in the entrance of Wonderland: a coffee table whose glass, back lighted, projects on the ceiling the shape of the key-hole of the small door that Alice has to go through. The "Drink Me" potion and the "Eat Me" pastries become an elegant fruitstand made from old aluminum lids, pieces of chandeliers and a pewter cruet. The two cute twins who welcome Alice and guide her in their world take the form of two old irons whose use is now to hold up the books on our home shelves. The Mad Hatter's wacky headgears occupy now our bedside table to illuminate the night-time reading under the blankets. The wicked Red Queen and her army of cards give form to a nice wall clock created from an old aluminum fan. A nostalgic hair helmet, typical of the Fifties, becomes a big blue mushroom, a sound system to connect to your media player to let your imagination run, and finally being transported into the magical world of the White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat, feeling for a while part of a fairy tale that has been with us throughout our childhood.

27gradi collection

2 photos

The 27gradi collection is a limited and numbered series of 21 wall clocks made ​​starting from 21 industrial fans retrieved in the wreckage, transformed and re-painted with a retro style, in perfect contrast to the cold and engineering design of the original objects. The 21 clocks are all apparently alike, but the different state at the time of recovery, the differences caused by fate and the man the discarding processing and our handwork, made ​​them unique, even for a few hidden details. The name of this collection comes from a curious detail in the process of cleaning the original pieces: on the back of each, buried under layers of dirt and rust, were incised the small inscription “27 degrees”. A simple text, devoid of any artistic or aesthetic value as indicative only of the intrinsic technical features of the object, acquires now an enormous value like a rabbit that appears from the hat, a magic sign that gives the name to this new, original and fascinating collection by useDesign.

Summer 2012 limited edition

4 photos

The Summer 2012 is a limited edition of clocks, lamps and photo frames, each made in 12 copies and available in 4 different colors (purple, blue, yellow and green). The pastel and funny colors and the attention to the details through the use of laser-cut plexiglass and refined paintings makes this collection a real treat for collectors! The simple shapes and the funny colors make this useDesign product line the perfect gift for the summer 2012. collection

16 photos

Do you ever think about what happens to the dishes and bowls that you’ve remorselessly abandoned at flea markets for a pittance? Large wooden tables on which are crowded porcelain and pottery of all colors and all sizes, just waiting to serve a child, a nice lady or a whole family again. Plates, bowls, cups and glasses that do not give up, do not abandon themselves to a life as trash. They hope to be able to cross the threshold of a house and to be back the real stars of our homes again. The collection, designed by Luca Scarpellini and Matteo Placucci for the brand useDesign, give to the old chipped dishes and bowls a new life inside your houses ..and you will choose the dishes you like most. The choice of the dish is done through a process of empathy with the discarded object that becomes a funny chandelier to light up your evenings with a good book. Dozens, hundreds of dishes, all different from each other and all with a central hole (hence the name Unico FOro) assembled with style and harmony. The low price (given by the simple processing) and the possibility of customization are the key to success for this new product line by useDesign!

Colombina by useDesign

19 photos

ENGLISH Colombina is made and assembled entirely by hand to ensure the maximum attention to the details. Pouf, stool, but also table: features that make Colombina a practical piece of furniture for your living room or your bedroom. The rough cardboard and the soft microfiber finishes, added to a wide range of available colors transform Colombina into a comfortable product with a unique style. The structure is made of mdf and recycled cardboard, both warm, light and highly resistant materials. The double colored cushion, large and comfortable, is washable and made with high quality fabrics to allow their use on the floor. ITALIANO Colorata, divertente, raffinata, comoda ed ecologica, è realizzata ed assemblata interamente a mano per garantire la massima cura dei dettagli. Pouf, sgabello, ma anche piano d’appoggio: caratteristiche che fanno di Colombina un pratico complemento d’arredo per il vostro salotto o per la vostra camera da letto. Le finiture in cartone grezzo e in morbida microfibra, unite all’ampia gamma di colori disponibili fanno di Colombina un prodotto confortevole dallo stile deciso. La struttura è realizzata in mdf e cartone vegetale, materiali caldi, leggeri e dall’elevata resistenza. Il cuscino bicolore, grande ed accogliente, è lavabile e realizzato con stoffe di alta qualità per consentirne l’utilizzo anche a terra.

N.I.P.S. (vivet homo) by useDesign

8 photos

N.I.P.S. simultaneously represents the uselessness of the useful and the usefulness of the useless in a sort of a Taoist conflict that transforms the salt dough and the stale bread in bowls and vases with simple shapes and natural surfaces. N.I.P. S. forces us to reflect on the impossibility to provide a complete and truthful definition of what we believe to be useful or useless, the ephemeral play of a child or the hard work of a baker, crumbled at the end of the day, for example. The mixtures of flour and salt on one side and stale bread crumbs on the other, properly mixed with natural resins transform these simple ingredients into easily malleable doughs with a strong structural resistance, characterized by the refined textures and a great matter component.


4 photos

FURIO is a rocking horse designed to be built together by an adult and a kid. A moment to share where a parent can rediscover the desire to play and the kid can explore and improve his manual and creative skills. IFU© TOYS FOR GI.GO The innovative IFU© TOYS project stems from the proposal to extend the range of the assortment with educational toys, through a collection that combines design, pedagogy and the reinterpretation of the old toys through the format IFU© – Instruction for Use. INSTRUCTION FOR USE IFU© – Instruction For Use is a brand that offers the public DIY design projects , easily achievable at home, with the help of simple paper instructions and a video tutorial explaining and helping the user in buying the materials and the tools, and in the phases of construction.