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smadav 2020

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Type Creative
Style Modern


How To Download Smadav 2020 New Version

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Smadav 2020 known easy to use on the computer. Unlike other antivirus apps, it will not crash if it is installed in a computer which already have an other antivirus. Therefore, he is not the main application antivirus. Smadav Have member functions main protection protection protection putua when other antivirus passed virus sebulah. He also serves to banish the virus coming from a USB stick. This is because the USB stick is known as a medium for spreading viruses the biggest, especially if a computer that is being used by many people. The use of resources that small make Smadav will not burden the computer's performance. Mangglum, when installed and enabled, he will only take the CPU usage and the RAM is around 10 mb. File Size download Smadav new version was just around 2 mb.