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Design meets sustainability. reditum furniture is 100% made out of recycled material. All our products are manufactured in sheltered workshops in Germany. Each piece tells its personal story in the unique look of its previous life's use..

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moveo. I The well-travelled shelfing system

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Sustainable, functional, stylish. The moveo. modular is available in 10 different sizes and offers you the space you need. moveo. comes as innovative plug system to your home. Assembly is done in no time and without any need of tools. The well-travelled shelf system is 100% made out of recycled materials. One-way pallets, bicycle tubes and scrap metal all change their life into a stylish, handmade and solid furniture. Every piece unique, telling you his very own story... On completion every moveo. is signed with the fingerprint of its craftsmen and the year of manufacture. reditum is personal. All furniture is handmade in Germany-based sheltered workshops and contains a lot of history. The pallets travelled many countries and the bicycle tubes rolled to a lot of different places, too. Lean back and let your moveo.s tell you their stories...

sessio. I The comfy beanbag

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Description follows soon... Meanwhile please check out our website