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„PATTERN OF SOCIETY– Nice to have" PATTERN OF SOCIETY is a label for men's accessories, such as ties and pocket squares. In autumn 2012, PATTERN OF SOCIETY decided to fulfill popular costumers' request and create a special collection for women's scarfs. Looking at international fashion shows one might think by now men have the same possibilities to stand out when it comes to fashion as women do. But offside the catwalks most of the extravagant pieces aren't really fit for every day wear. Especially at work a man's fashion creativity is often limited. But what can a style conscious and modern man do to not disappear within the uniformed masses? PATTERN OF SOCIETY brought the answer to this question to perfection. Headed by Gisa Klement from Berlin the label reinvented the tie as men's fashionable business card and distinguishing feature. PATTERN OF SOCIETY designs, produces and sells unconventional and modern ties and pocket squares which at the same time maintain a classical elegance. Easily ordered over the internet, these male accessories will be delivered to your address within the next three days – quick and easy even for a forgotten birthday... The special feature that makes the PATTERN OF SOCIETY ties unique is the shrewd idea to use different fabrics for the front and the end part of the tie. This way, when the end part isn't pulled through the loop in the back, called Passantino, the different fabric from the end part will peek through at the side, giving the outfit a modern and recognizable touch. After scoring the serious business-look in a meeting the same tie can afterwards at a bar, jazz up the entire outfit. The general style of PATTERN OF SOCIETY is leaned back and masculine. But above all, it's wearable! The ties are held in classic and casual patterns and textures. Various widths, fabrics and prices cater to the different needs of the customers. Where usual ties are often too short, PATTERN OF SOCIETY works with a length of 153 cm to provide freedom in your choice of knotting. This way even the classic windsor knot, which requires more length in a tie, isn't a problem. Besides these features PATTERN OF SOCIETY is well known for its self invented dual –inlay. It is a combination of a layer of new wool with another thin layer of robust horse hair . Opposed to cheap polyester inlays PATTERN OF SOCIETY counts on the benefits of its high quality fabrics. New wool provides breathability thus staying light and cool even on hot days. On top it gives the product a soft and discreet padding being important for a proper and nice knotting. The enwrought horse hair makes the fabric tough and durable and lets the tie fall evenly without producing wrinkles. Thanks to the extraordinary springiness of horse hair the fabric always bounces back into its original form no matter the frequency of usage. Manufactured in a German tie factory the PATTERN OF SOCIETY products always exhibit the highest standard in material and detailed handling. PATTERN OF SOCIETY provides every man with a individual and stylish outfit. The times, where men couldn't be told apart in an office are over. As are those where ties where restricted to only this area. PATTERN OF SOCIETY brings the most classic and traditional male accessory – the tie – back to its well deserved role in every mans leisure wear while spicing up the office look.