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Little Miss Sunshine: The Best Movie Ever that People Say Sucks So this weekend I was fortunate enough to talk my friends into renting "Little Miss Sunshine," and it was one of the greatest surprises i have recieved, as far as movies go. The lady at the movie store said it was going to suck, but guess what, she sucks because the movie rocked. In case you did not know "Little Miss Sunshine" is an American Comedy with Steve Carell, Alan Arkin, Greg Kinnear, and several other lesser known actors. Steve Carell is enough to get most people to rent a movie, but if you rented this one you are in for a treat. The movie centers around a family that is terrinly flawed and seemingly headed for disaster. Greg Kinnear is the father, Arkin the grandfather, and Carell is the depressed uncle. After being released from the hospital Carell's sister picks him up and take him to her house where he is to stay with there family. The main adventure in the film is the daughter, Olive, is chosen to compete in the Little Miss Sunshine contest, a beauty contest for kids in southern California and the family loads up and heads out to the coast. Some of the most intriguing things about the movie to me were the pairings of the characters. Carell's character who was a depressed professor had an unspoken, immediate connection with The philosophical son who had taken a vow silence. The little girl and the drug abusing grandfather were also deeply connected and were inseparable.

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