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meik you feel unique by meikstudio presents itself as an office focused on design of interior furnishings, we produce exclusive, unique furniture targeted to luxury market.

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Birth date 07/07/2011
Country Austria, Belgium, CzechRepublic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Russia



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Born from the inspiration of human sensations, the DarkLight lamp is an analogy to the concept of the unexpected. Expect the unexpected, almost like a philosophy of life they were. Inspired by the unexpected, the DarkLight is a lamp that rises from inside an egg. An element working on angular shapes as opposed to how crystal clear and smooth exterior, which then forms these birth to the lamp, black on the outside and gold inside. The interior will give a golden light, warmer and intense, intense as this piece in all its elegance. Composed by lacquered aluminum in the exterior and gold interior, this lamp of dark apearence when is switched on, lightens the space in golden rays of light trough the reflection of its piramids in the base. With height going from 1250mm min. till 1650mm max.


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Crisis lamp begins to take form in a discussion about the world economic crisis that we all live in. The dissolution of capital it was the launch ramp to elaborate this piece. The gold bar as a value piece it starts to dissolving into thin air. A metaphor for this moment that we live, as if the money has no value, a gold bar that melts down as we start to realize that with passion everything is worth it. The passion that we share with the exclusive design.


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meikstudio produces high-quality furniture and OPERA sideboard PHANTOM is presented on the National Portuguese Theatre Day. The “OPERA sideboard PHANTOM” is a limited edition and comes "to make a bow to the theater and Portuguese theater production. This is our way of applauding the National Theatre. This sideboard comes from the emotions experienced after seeing and enjoyed “the phantom of the opera” a gothic play that combines romance, horror, fiction and tragedy. The “OPERA sideboard PHANTOM” it’s a piece that will raise the magnitude of a play, a work of art. His contemporary image, fitted with classic details, reveals a unique elegance and fullness in the sideboard. Implemented by experienced masters, which in analogy to the maestros give the importance and perfection of details and finishings. A unique piece that will be present in your home. The interiors reveals a number of storage spaces, each with its own personality and functionality, as if a play it is, where everyone has a place and a task to perform. Each is important and unique. As happens in a theater, when the curtains opens, the play begins, the interaction with the public, the fascination, the wonder, the unexpected, joy, satisfaction, are the emotions that the “OPERA sideboard PHANTOM reveals.

BONSAI coffee table

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BONSAI coffee table emerges as an example of its characteristic design. This coffee table is inspired in the bonsai adapted to interior furniture. The Moyogi, lineage of bonsai with erect, informal appearance and elegant movement united with the delicate, angular forms of Swarovski crystals, results in a harmonious and extremely slender game. Made from an unique piece in high gloss lacquered aluminum that gives it a glamorous and rare side, BONSAI coffee “grows” from the root to a size (such as 1000x500x650mm) as if it was the evolve of the natural plant. The high gloss lacquered aluminum melted with the poetic form of the bonsai and the imaginary, angular forms of Swarovski crystals assures that your living room will not be forgotten.

ORIGAMI coffee table

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ORIGAMI coffee table born from a influence to the Japanese art of paper folding, which started in the 17th century AD at the latest and was popularized outside of Japan in the mid-1900s. It has since then evolved into a modern art form. The magnificant shapes that we observe in this truly beautifull art inspered us to create this coffee table. The goal of this coffee table is to transform a flat aluminium sheet of material into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques, and as such the use of cuts or glue are not considered to be origami, this coffee table its made from a entire piece of wood. The elegance of this piece and the high gloss lacquered finishing turns your living room into a delicated space and harmonious. It is available in all colors to better complement your space.