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Volume Possível, LDA.

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Type Creative
Specialization Architectural Design, Interior Design, Garden and landscape Design, Interior Design, Exterior Design, Children Furniture Design, Design with innovative materials, art director



2 photos

Project for the entrance hall of a private house, and respective front door. The glass door allows a better entry of light into the house.

Fluffy Bedroom

3 photos

This is a project of a new single woman bedroom.The idea was used the existing materials, restoring them and not spending money on new furniture.

The Music Room

1 photo

This is a small cozy, well lighted, that serves especially to relax.

Room + Dining Room

5 photos

Lighting and curtains. Small dining room with PARLANE's complements.


1 photo

applied wallpaper and framing.


1 photo

Placement of PARLANE's bedside tables


2 photos

Space which was applied wallpapper and was done a decape in the bed. Placing PARLANE's elements - frames and jar.

The Room of a Traveler

9 photos

The room of a traveler, with ethnic details. Only the sofas were reused. Since the framers, carpets, lighting and furniture, everything was done for us. Pine furniture, reclaimed in color and stuffing, our arrangement. In the entrance hall was done framing and applied wallpaper.


2 photos

Were defined the wall colors and frames. The customer was bought the furniture with our support. The lampshades were defined by us.


8 photos

Wallpaper, headboard, lighting and details (pictures and frames) PARLANE.