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Vasco Pinto Alves

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Birth date 24/07/1978
Personal style No brands over my body (wearable objects only!!!)
Job Freelance Designer/Design Director
Type Creative
SpecializationText Product design
Philosophy Form, function and fiction. There is a zero degree of project when one faces a new challenge/briefing that leads to emptying the (future) object of all its mass and reducing it to a fundamental layout translated into dimensions. From this point on, only what is strictly necessary in terms of function and fiction will be allowed to concur for the object’s construction. Function and fiction are indissociable of form. Function relates to history and fiction leads to identification. These premises point the direction for pertinent products, imbued with meaningful and immersive forms. The intended outcome is a thus entropy avoidant, filtered and channeled product – which envisions ease in production, commercial success, user/usage contextualization vs. cultural interaction (trend) and the moment of destruction/recycling. The aforementioned triad has been the goal of my research and work; to start from “scratch” in project every time again is the exercise that permits a continuous approach to different industries, targets and the constellations of objects which are the media between us and our contexts.


Zero Zero

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Nature (time, elements, use, unpredictable events) takes part in the object's life. Empowering nature and random events to take part of the design process.

zero - um

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Ceiling lamp developed for dandave®. The project for a collection of lighting objects intended to use LG Hi-Macs® (Natural Acrylic Stone) waste/left-overs resulted from the production line. Although the final form (dimensions, colour availability, ...) and function of the product were conditioned from scratch due to the nature of the briefing itself and materials/transformation processes available, it became possible to achieve a fairly honest and aesthetic outcome. The client now uses nearly 100% of the left-over material from the production of other objects and included the new objects (from a different family than it's core business) in their catalog, thus enhancing its market range.

Manta and Manta +

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Developed for dandave. Produced with Natural Acrylic Stone. Dimensions: 900x450x450mm. A small table developed for the partial reuse of remnant material in a production facility. In order to underline the main message, “value”, a simple vase feature will be incorporated to the table on the version “Manta +”. The graphical option for a “carpet-like-object „ as if it suddenly was animated with life, pretends to humorously reinforce the role of design in continuously questioning/analyzing both environment, us users and what mediates us and our environment: objects! :)