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Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She's passionate about fashion, home décor and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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Birth date 05/06/2017
Style Minimal, Vintage, Modern


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Design Trends for the Millennial Generation

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According to marketing expert Ann Fishman, the millennial generation enters the fray with a well-developed sense of taste which involves fashion and style, but also wants good prices for good looks. Her marketing study that targeted millennial women has revealed that reused and recycled items, once popular in start-up apartments, just won’t work anymore. They want items with character that they can’t find anywhere else. Here are a few ideas that are close to millennials.
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Trilogy of styles

While one would find it hard to define a single millennial style portfolio, no one can argue that three styles that rule the generation are mid-century, Scandinavian and industrial. The pieces they choose don’t have to be signed – it’s just the look that is important. Alena Capra, a designer from South Florida who has worked on TV shows such as “Operation Build” says that industrial look with its mix of metal and wood elements is the most popular. Capra, who has many with millennial clients, says that they favour industry look for the whole setting, not just furniture, with wooden floor, exposed brick walls and bronze accents gaining popularity.
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All about the mix

Millennials have displayed an excellent grasp of this overwhelming trend. For this generation, mixing new and old, expensive and cheap, DIY and purchased comes natural. To Ashley Pritchard, a millennial working for a Denver-based communication company, an abundance of styles is as important as the origin of the item and the way it was made. If they cannot afford a designer armchair, a millennial will chose a trusted Ikea design, rather than a no-name, cheap one.
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Highly personalized

Having their limited budgets in mind, millennial’s sense of personalization doesn’t agree with decorating with expensive name brands, but rather with items that are hard to find elsewhere. YouTube channels and DIY TV shows instructing on how to paint, reconfigure and customize shelf pieces, are a vast source of inspiration. This concept has another root in millennial population. The social consciousness of visiting garage and yard sales and vintage shops is strong as it is the need of preserving limited resources.
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Online hunts

As an increasingly visual group, millennials spend hours scouring websites like Pinterest, Houzz, Remodlista, ThisOldHouse looking for the perfect idea for floor rugs that fit their room décor. Fishman explains how the hunt moves from researching what is best to finding a piece that would add a personal stamp. Still, some designers warn that what looked like a perfect match might turn into a short and unhappy relationship. Tricia Huntley from Huntley & Co, a designer from Washington D.C. points out that sometimes those tastefully arranged professional shots fail to meet a client’s actual home, lifestyle or budget.
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Sharing the comfort

Millennials are a highly social generation that likes to share and think about their friend’s needs. In a design department, it translates into more spacious sofas, very popular sectionals and extended chaises. Lounging in front of TV and binge-watching is inseparable from millennial ways, so they want to cover these pieces with versatile faux-leather or microfiber that can endure food, drinks, pets and prolonged working-from-home sessions. Along with bigger lounging areas also come bigger club tables. Capra reveals that in bedroom choices, millennials prefer quality items like beds with upholstered headboard.
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Artsy collections

Even though millennial budget often falls short of quality art, many of them have less costly collections of a sort. For Pritchard, it is a gallery wall of prints obtained from affordable sources like 20x200, a site established by Jen Bekman Projects and thrift-store catches. Others resort to online hubs for handmade objects, such as Etsy, which can create an interesting customized mix when combined with art inherited from parents or grandparents.
Millennials want affordable value and think realistically about what they can afford. Still, if you are looking to design a space that is appealing for millennial generation, you need to think as a storyteller and pick items that reveal your personal taste and have a history. Binding functional, modern designs with handmade craftsmanship is a great way to come up with personalized décor for the new generation.

Innovative Architectural Solutions for Small Bathrooms

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The space might be limited, but don’t allow your imagination to be.
Making smart decisions in small spaces seems like mission impossible, since it is quite challenging to balance practical with aesthetically pleasing. In most cases, people opt for either one, or the other.
But what if we told you that with the right set of tricks up your sleeve, you can get an eye-appealing bathroom in which claustrophobia will turn into comfort, and clutter into convenience? Here is how you do it:
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Additional in-wall space

Sounds improbable? Not at all, actually, and the first secret we would like to reveal to you today is the additional 16 inches you will find hidden inside the bathroom walls. Here’s the catch – there are studs inside your walls that are usually 16 inches apart, and the depth of the stud itself, together with the drywall on the front, provides additional 4 inches of depth. Unless there’s plumbing, it is advisable to create niches next to your vanity and that way create a practical space to keep your most essential toiletries and towels. And dare we say it – the final look will give off a modern vibe and will add an amazing effect to the overall design.
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Revealing the flooring

To free up some floor space, select the wall mounted amenities. When it comes to this type of toilet, the great thing about it is that the tank is usually built inside the wall, meaning that it uses the depth of the wall to reduce the amount of used bathroom space. Plus, you will get a few more inches of the floor, thus visually expanding the room. The same is with the vanity, and a wall mounted one will not only expand the room, but will also make it easier to clean the bathroom. Their greatest benefit is that they can be adequately placed in one of the corners that usually end up unused.
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Storage struggles

However, as a consequence, you can come across a few storage issues, but as we’ve already mentioned, protruding the walls can provide additional shelving. Still, you will hear many complaining they lack space to place all their cosmetic products anyways. If that is the case with you, we advise going with a mirror cabinet – your most essential items will be well-organized behind the mirror that will, so conveniently, open up the space by reflecting light.

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Alternative bathing solutions

Furthermore, note that including an elegant and minimalistic freestanding bath can help you create a more open space. Their sleek and elegant design allows you to create a statement look, but what makes them so appealing is the fact that they are extremely practical - since freestanding tubs are fully finished from all angles, they can be placed wherever you find it most suitable in your small bathroom.
If, on the other hand, you are more pro-shower type, consider getting rid of the unappealing shower curtain that only cuts the size of the already cramped room. One of the best alternatives most go for are the glass shower doors that will not create that chopped-up feeling.

enter image description here

Stuck in a doorway

To claim as much space as possible, it would be wise to consider installing pocket doors that won’t take up even an inch of your space. The catch is in the fact that these doors have a small, circular depression to hold, what makes it possible to slide them into the wall almost completely. If there are pipes or electrical wiring within the wall, a barn door is a more suitable solution. In any case, you avoid constant banging into the bathroom amenities.

Now it is up to you to pick up the phone and get in touch with the contractor to see what’s possible in your case. We can’t wait to hear about the end result, so come back to tell us all about it and share some additional design ideas in the comment section!

5 Ways to Give Your Home an Elegant Look

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Designing an elegant and luxurious home isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have a lot of money. However, there are simple and easy ways you can make your home look high-end and elegant.

Elegant home

Go with minimalism

If you want to achieve elegance, remember that less is more. Some designers swear that the key to elegance lies in achieving a timeless, sophisticated design with simplicity. So, if that idea attracts you, you might want to opt for minimalism in your home. Choose objects and furniture that’s simple in design and make sure your living space in uncluttered. Probably the best thing about minimalism, aside from it looking smooth and elegant, is the effect it has on people. It’s very calming and it allows you to focus and unwind.

Seek help

Designing an elegant home, especially if you have absolutely no prior experience and no knowledge in the field, can be quite an undertaking. So, if you’re building your home from scratch, you should consult a reliable architect from Melbourne during the schematic design phase and tell them what exactly is that you want from your new home. Do you want your home to have an open space concept, do you want to have a lot of natural light, how many bathrooms do you need? The architect will listen to your demands and come up with a few schematic designs for you to choose from. This way, you’ll have a stylish and elegant home that also fits your wishes and needs perfectly.

Color palette

Pay attention to colors

Even experienced interior designers consider choosing the color palette the most difficult decision in home design. However, if elegance is your top priority, there are colors that are timeless and always look elegant in any space. Neutral colors such as white and gray simply breathe elegance and are very easy to incorporate into any space. If you want to use the color to freshen up your old home, you don’t even have to repaint the entire room. Painting just one wall the right color will completely change its look and dynamics, making it look more elegant and well-thought-out. Some dark and bold colors, such as maroon, navy and black are also very elegant when used in interior design. They instantly make the place feel more luxurious without actually breaking your budget. However, if you opt for these dark colors, make sure to add some accessories in the same color to make the space seem more cohesive.

One luxury element that stands out

If you can’t afford to have a complete makeover, you can invest in a single element that will attract attention and bring some extra luxury into your home. You can opt for a piece of furniture or art, a fireplace, a strong architectural detail, a luxe chandelier, an amazing view from your windows and much more. Just pick a focal point of your home and make it stand out. But, remember, you shouldn’t have two focal points. Always let one element take the precedence over the room and you’ll make the space feel and look more elegant in a blink of an eye.

Perfect accessories

Choose unique accessories

Interior designers say that what most homes lack are smart accessories, and that’s why those homes never look really elegant and luxe. Most people don’t accessorize because they think they must spend a lot of money to do it right, but that’s actually not true. Since the devil’s in the details, don’t forget to pay attention to even the smallest elements of your home. For instance, visit antique shops and get some high-quality drawer and door knobs. These will be super-cheap, yet still give your home those finishing touches that scream elegance. However, the fastest way to achieve timeless elegance is probably gold. For centuries, gold has been associated with wealth and sophistication, so invest in one golden or gilded item. Think in terms of a gold picture frame, mirror, sculpture, lamp or even a gilded coffee table!

So, don’t let your dream of having an elegant home stay just a dream. By following these tips you can turn your home into a high-end space you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

8 Ways of Making Your Bedroom Cozy and Soothing

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p>Even though bedrooms should be synonymous with comfort, we often tend to neglect that aspect and just worry about whether we opened the window this morning. Coziness and comfort are not just about having a huge bed with a soft blanket – there is just so much more you can do. Take a look at these 8 tips on how to turn your bedroom into a signature comfy heaven of yours.

Headboards are back

You wouldn’t believe what a difference can these bad boys make. You can opt for either contemporary or traditional ones depending on your bedroom’s overall design – whichever you choose, you will not make a mistake. Besides improving the comfort of your bed, headboards also give it structure, as well as aesthetic appeal, making your bed a centerpiece of the room. Plus, reading a book or watching TV in bed is now going to become a whole new experience. headboards

Consider adding a seating area

It would be a shame not to use the extra space in your bedroom to turn it into a seating area – especially if you have a large family. After all, even though a bedroom is called a bedroom, it doesn’t mean it is reserved only for the bed, right? Find a couple of comfy chaise lounges that match your bedroom style and treat yourself with a place for where you can enjoy some alone time, with a cup of tea and a good book. seating area

Keep it classy with a bed bench

Exactly. Even though it may seem like something you don’t actually need, once you get one, you will keep wondering how did you live without it. Bed benches are great for putting your shoes on, and they can serve as great storage space. In aesthetic terms, they are decorative and make the space seem a lot warmer. bed and bench

Play with the lighting

Sunlight is not the only light that can add warmth to the space. During the day, the sun should be more than enough to illuminate your room, but when the sun goes down, you are more than welcome to play around with various lighting fixtures.  Add some glamour to the space with a vintage chandelier, or keep it modern by installing contemporary ‘hidden lights’ underneath your bed, beside it or over it. Enhance the impact by adding an oversized full length mirror on the wall. Whichever lighting solution you opt for, make sure the tone of your lighting is warm and pleasant. bedroom lighting

Your mattress is your best friend – choose it wisely

Try to make your bed feel like a cloud you can’t wait to sink into. This is why you should definitely opt for a softer mattress, or even the one with memory foam. And if you think you will need to spend a fortune to get a new one – don’t despair, there is always a mattress sale somewhere. Finally, top it all off with a light duvet and two comfy plush pillows. quality mattress

Rug or carpeting

The smartest thing you can do is get rid of all the carpeting and install a sleek hardwood flooring. You will minimize the chance of allergies and achieve a clean and sophisticated look. But, you can never go wrong with a nice fuzzy area rug. Place it under your bed horizontally and make sure that the two parts are exposed equally on each side.


If you are lucky enough to own a spacious bedroom, make sure to add a few supersized elements in it in order to make it look bigger and cozier at the same time. Invest in things like large lamps, big bedside tables, blanket box, huge bedhead, etc.

A dressing table for the lady

At first sight, they may seem a little bit old-fashioned, but they are the ones that add a touch of glamor to your bedroom (while taking the smallest possible amount of space away). And we all know that glamour usually means comfort. Combine your metallic elements with a big mirror and a few matte details to make your hair brushing and makeup applying morning rituals more classy. something for the lady How do you like these ideas? Let us know.