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Tó Martins

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I’m a Portuguese designer and I have a great passion for my work.

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Job Freelancer
Type Creative
Philosophy If we create with passion, we create the difference
Specialization Architectural Design, Interior Design, Design with innovative materials, Graphic Designer, Communication Design, Lighting design, Concept designer
Style Modern, Fusion, Minimal


Rewashlamp Project

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The project uncovers a new lighting concept, which advocates the reuse of materials coupled with small scale production, 100% manual, allowing myself to run all processes, from creation to shipment. The lamps have for base the washing machine´s drums no longer in use, decorated with various types of materials, to decontextualize them from their usual use or function, giving them a new role. Associated to the main body there is a photographic tripod which attains a combination of design and functionality. All the pieces are made in a way to adjust in measure for preferences according in personal taste