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Serafino Zani

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The deep knowledge of the manufacture of iron and steel has always been the heritage of the inhabitants of the pre-Alpine valleys north of Brescia: Serafino Zani in Lumezzane builds on the experience gained from working with his father Bernardo Lorenzo, founding Serafino Zani & C. in 1963. Since its opening, the company has been able to build on an ancient knowledge made up of rules passed down from generation to generation, attention to detail, to finishes and materials. Today the Zani family continues to lead and manage the company, developing and manufacturing products that combine traditional craftsmanship with an original and innovative industrial vision. Even today, all the processes that lead to the realization of pots, pans, and lids are made in the company of Lumezzane, with the desire to affirm their vocation to produce beautiful objects of great quality.

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