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Sara Bergando

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Design Studio based in Gattinara and Torino area, Italy. Specialized in industrial&product; design // graphic&web; design // design workshops

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Birth date 08/07/2012
Job Designer freelance
Type Creative
School Industrial Design @ Politecnico di Torino
Philosophy Designer always looking for new challenges, to satisfy the deep curiosity which provide high standards of innovation and quality products / services developed for companies and their target.
Specialization Garden and landscape Design, Interior Design, Children Furniture Design, Glass Art Design, Illuminating engineering, Temporary Space and Exhibition Design, Design of Everyday Things/Objects, Children Objects Design, Pets Objects Design, Design with innovative materials, Jewelry Design, Graphic Designer, Communication Design, Food design, Lighting design, Naval Design, Concept designer
Style Modern, Minimal

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New Light from Waste

4 photos

Flexible ribbon of light created by scraps of felt (from white felt bumper pads), old mobile-phone's battery charger and a circuit of 50 LED low-power. This lamp allows shapes customization and different configurations using the right support: wall lamp + floor lamp + pendant lamp, all in one.

Pocket bags

5 photos

Self-production of ergonomic reusable packaging. An environmentally friendly solution to replace plastic bags and to promote the purchase of bulk commodities and bio. Small bags are ergonomic, thanks to the pockets on sides, they are graduated to value how food is bought and also it can be used like a kitchen containers. Reduce waste and promote sustainable and genuine life style.

TAG accessories

7 photos

Common object became support for this collection of parasite multifunctional complements... Vases and Flowerpots became support for Flowerpot TAG : flyer holder, ashtray, umbrella holder, decorative panels,... In this collection the 'San Salvario' texture rappresent the multicultural, sparkly district of Turin where Paratissima event takes part and whose Caplavur project is connected. Available textures customization. Material: metal sheet - laser cut. Made by Vibel snc (TO) Involved in Caplavur project

Racconto Plurale

7 photos The bookshelf RACCONTO PLURALE is designed to collect literary cultural essence of European Union. His round shape reminds metaphorically culture continuity, while physically recalls a coin made of 17 parts, the number of countries in the Eurozone. Books, seemingly outranked by technologic evolution that prefers digital formats, actually continue to stand for memory and culture. The bookshelf aims to host stories from the most important authors of continental tradition, in an emotional and aesthetical dialogue between paper support (books themselves) and technological ones, in a space thought to hold, tidy and interact with multimedia devices. RACCONTO PLURALE keeps a flexible and widely customizable structure. Starting from the original circular configuration, named "Casa- Europa", the modular structure allows different solutions and various combinations. Using two materials, wood and iron, symbolizes properly the two opposite suggestions: emotional/analog books, rational/digital multimedia. Raw materials and surface processing are environmental friendly thanks to "Design for Disassembly" approach.

Flying Pan

4 photos

he frying pan is usually changed every two years because there are problems about lining's material... thus Flying pan was born, a collection that give new life to the old pans, which is inspired by traditional decoupage technique... It is only reduced by essentials, thanks to original graphic stickers, to create a new decoration line: Fast-decoupage. These handmade accessories are generated by the reuse.