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bv Koninklijke van Kempen & Begeer has made history with durable stainless steel products and timeless silverware. Utensils for cooking and dining in the kitchen and the dining room. Royal VKB is the latest brand of the Dutch company, bv Koninklijke van Kempen & Begeer, which focuses on innovation. Royal VKB – creating new heritage for your social kitchen! In 2005 we set to work on something that would change our work for ever. We wanted to do something original within the field of our traditional trade that, since 1789, had become so commonplace to us. Something from which we drew inspiration was the accelerated tempo seen in people on account of changed prosperity and technological developments, which resulted in a changing consumer with more awareness than ever before. People do not suddenly change their lifestyle, but gradually slip into a new lifestyle. Over the past years, RoyalVKB has demonstrated that it has an awareness of how people live and deal with specific everyday problematic situations. We make people conscious of the subconscious and prefer to do that in a way that fits in with what people want and what they find pleasurable. In our view, the combination of innovation, design and lifestyle continues to be the correct way of providing a solution to the present-day need. This is so that, when patterns change within society, space is automatically created for more innovative products. Now take a look at today’s kitchen. This is no longer the place where only meals are being prepared, cooked and eaten. It is now the centre of the household where the family meets and from where everyone leaves to go to school or to work. 
At the end of the day as everyone returns home, the kitchen becomes the place to meet, eat and catch up. 
 Royal VKB anticipates this changing social environment with new products in which the consumer can recognise themselves. 
 Welcome to the social kitchen of Royal VKB! INTERNATIONAL AWARDS The past year’s RoyalVKB has won numoreus awards. 14x Design Plus, 1x Reddot Best of the Best, 13x Reddot, 5x GIO Award, 3x North Sea Pearls, 5x Grand Prix, Dutch Design Award, Wallpaper Design Award, an Reddot Honourable Mention and finaly a Design Management Award. Needless to say we are very proud to have achieved so much in such a short time ....

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