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Good UX – Soundcloud – Audio Play Screen The left screen is what you see when a track is playing. The right, when a track is paused. Your track will continue to play with the above screens in the background, letting you easily browse for other tunes. What’s Good • Easy play & pause. Push anywhere on the center of the screen to play/pause a track. People have been conditioned from YouTube to do this already and it feels very natural. Since play and pause is such a common user action, it’s great to have it so accessible with such a wide touch area. • You can buy ios app downloads • Beautiful full screen display. • Tap to hide. Tapping the hide button will minimize the main audio screen and let you browse other tracks What’s Bad • No easy track replay button. When your track ends, there is no replay button. This means the user has to cycle over to the next (or previous) track and then back again in order to replay the current track. Overall, Soundcloud’s latest app update kicks butt. Use it!

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Birth date 19/08/1997
Job marketing manager
Brand FaB
Magazine None
Designer Me
Style Minimal, Fusion


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