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POINT studio rises in 2012 from the common experiences shared from 2001 in the office formerly known as UAU. The office is based in Turin (Italy) but trends up overseas. Being a melting pot of different skills and attitudes the studio turns its heterogeneity into a strength point. In the office architects, visualizers and graphic designers work together to provide the client with a quality full project with some nearness to a tailor made design. All the office's clients, from the single to the big company are both a great challenge and both a big concern for all the staff. Its works are well know in Italy, and also in the Eastern countries, Europe and United States, having been published and awarded worldwide.

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This project wants to convey the traditional old fashioned restaurant atmosphere into a contemporary design place, whose core is the big cupboard opposite to the entrance. Made of white lacquered and natural matte medium density wood this object is in intended to be both a functional element to organize the space (wardrobe, shelves, sitting, counter are inside it) and both the only decorative piece in the room. Its design focuses on the idea of open and closed drawers: each part of the furniture is thus conceived according to this idea, also the big crossing suspended volume that ends as on the outside. The oversize sofa refines the style of this cozy and warm restaurant, welcoming the guests.


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The project wanted to solve some problems of space and logistic that badly characterized the pre-existing rooms, giving the owner the chance to dedicate a single space to each activity scheduled. The focus of this project is the so-called decompression gangway conceived to incline the user towards the Pilates approach. The mood is thus cozy and warm, in its dark brown colour and wooden oak panel shell. The gangway leads to the activities rooms, remodelling the internal atmosphere and turning it into a more functional and recognizable space.


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Chromatic and perceptive contrasts enrich in details the essential lines and volumes of this hairstylist showroom where the different customers needs are sum up in a global design project. Since we were asked to divide the space into two main areas, one reserved to the washing operations, the other one for hairstylist job, we decided to make them clearly different: while the working area is a wide, bright and flexible space that meets the different needs of the customers through the use of a mobile furniture element replacing traditional equipments, the washing and waiting lounge is conceived to be softer and darker, being used also as relax area.


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Since the family had increased in number after the first renovation of the house the challenge of the project has been to make the most of the available space. The project aims to bring up the family to a multifunctional use of the spaces, without conventional limits. That's why we decide to give the existing big living room space a multiple function, being at the same time the owner's bedroom, the living and dining space and the relax area and to to dedicate the only existing room to the newborns. We decided to heighten half of the room to create a larch wood platform to host the relax space with sofa and television, using the high difference to hide a rollaway bed and storages. All the new furnitures are made on our own design, in white or champagne lacquered MDF wood. A new big wardrobe space, conceived externally as a white varnished monolith, but internally totally equipped, divides in two the entrance area, serving also as a decompression space to enter the babies room.


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Untraditional mention to Sicily are the strengths of this project that brings a piece of the island into San Salvario district. The shop is conceived as a bright and cosy space, where quality and tastes find their proper place. Interior design is the direct consequence of a deeper reflection upon mood and colours: the agaves reference (Zabbara in Sicilian local dialect) is clear and globally used on the whole identity project. Furnitures are all designed on purpose with essential lines and colours (no gloss white, MDF natural wood and varnished metal shelves) and have a clear but not flashy reference to Sicilian folklore and traditions: the shelves are simply wine cellar modules transformed into design furnitures, while lamps refer to town festivals.The space is the perfect setting for an high level selection of foods, wines and other regional products, being itself a tangible transposition of the owner's passion and care towards her land.


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The challenge within designing the new Ducati stand lays on making a modular environment able to fully include and represent the brand values. The answer was a space expressly inspired by the Ducati’s tubular frame, a traditional feature characterizing his bikes since the very beginning. The stand colors, red and white, represent both the brand tradition and the push towards future and high quality. The Ducati stand is reproducible in all sorts of trade shows, easy fitting to the different dimensional and functional needs. Main contractor: Eurostands.


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The interior design for this new take-away sushi restaurant was faced with the challenge of turning a small, old stationery store, situated deep in the historical urban structure of the city, into a trendy modern eatery. The project was successful in maximizing the limited space using a system of intersecting volumes to create niches into which shelves, benches and storage cubbies can be integrated. Everything was made into clean cut shapes, the effect of which is emphasized by a white matte finish and magenta coloured furniture details which also give the illusion of a spacious interior. The uniform nature of the white is, however, balanced by the use of Plexwood for the flooring and the niches. Here, the use of the minimalistic aspects of contemporary architecture has helped create a space where a thorough study of structure and shape contribute to defining a project where no detail is left to chance. The lighting fixtures were selected and installed with an eye to highlighting the food and drink on offer. The project was faced with the difficulty of optimising space, “in the deep research for order and refinement that permeates all our architecture that does not avoid pragmatism”.


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The challenge of this project was the need to totally re-dress the hosting location in order to transform it into an elegant, high class and welcoming space that satisfied the client’s requirements. The concept of the red carpet, centre piece for any stylish celebration ceremony, was revisited and modified to become the focal point for the exhibition design project conceived for the Audi Regional Business Meeting. A totally red entrance welcomes visitors, while the lounge and relaxation spaces recreate the mood of a museum, using white and warm grey colours, and integrate the hosting architecture. Cars were displayed under mechanically motorized boxes which were revealed or hidden according to the congress programme. A well defined and separate area hosted the auditorium space, where the business meeting and conference took place


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Audi Temporary stores are the launch project of the new Audi A3 Sportback. They cover 7 italian cities, Torino, Roma, Napoli, Padova, Bologna, Firenze, Milano, a total built area of 1000 sqm with 500 persons builders and technicians involved and 48 rush hours of mounting in each location. Conceiving a modular project in Audi essential stile to be adapted to each different city we build a parlor for a very heterogeneous public.