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Orproject is a London based architecture and design practice set up in 2006 by Francesco Brenta, Christoph Klemmt, Laura Micalizzi and Rajat Sodhi. Our work explores advanced geometries with an ecologic agenda, the integration of natural elements into the design results in a eco-narrative unfolding into the three dimensional space. TEAM: FRANCESCO BRENTA, AA Dipl. Founding member of Orproject, Francesco studied at the Architectural Association. Previous to starting Orproject he worked for Zvi Hecker, Miralles, Schwartz Silver and Herzog DeMeuron. CHRISTOPH KLEEMT, AA Dipl. Founding member, Christoph studied at the Architectural Association and has previously worked for Youmeheshe, Zaha Hadid and Tezuka Architects. He has lectured and given workshop at the AA, Wuppertal and Nottingham universities. LAURA MICALIZZI, M.Sc. Founding member, Laura studied at the Politecnico di Milano. Her work experience spans from product to retail interiors and exhibition design. She has worked for AAAHHHAAA srl in Milano, for Datanature Associates and for Imagination in London. RAJAT SODHI, AA dipl. Rajat Sodhi received his diploma from the Architectural Association in London in 2007 and was also awarded the prestigious DRL masters from the AA. He has worked for Herzog & DeMeuron on large scale architecture projects.

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Birth date 01/01/2006
Type Creative
Specialization Architectural Design, Interior Design, Concept designer


OR 2

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OR2 is the further development of OR1, a single surface roof structure which reacts to sunlight. The polygonal segments of the surface react to ultra-violet light, mapping the position and intensity of solar rays. When in the shade, the segments of OR2 are translucent white. However when hit by sunlight they become coloured, flooding the space below with different hues of light. During the day OR2 becomes a shading device passively controlling the space below it. At night OR2 transforms into an enormous chandelier, disseminating light which has been collected by integrated photovoltaic cells during the day into the surrounding areas.