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From his Studio, an office, research and development laboratory space for free and applied object design, based in Berlin, the designer investigates the countless possibilities of reuse of found materials and their transformation into objects of everyday use. Besides the design of prototypes for private and public space and the low-volume manufacturing on behalf of customers, Michael Konstantin Wolke designs space, lighting, and interior concepts in cooperation with varying creative talents from different fields of design.

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Type Studio
SpecializationText Object Design
Specialization Interior Design, Exterior Design, Lighting design


Beute lamp

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Trough the variety of corrugated cardboard which can only be reached by using discarded Material, the lamp “Beute” becomes a selection of unique light objects. By dissecting and rearranging of the Material, the designer compresses the conquered corrugated cardboard and uses it as raw material with specific characteristics.


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The Tumultanten are a wandrobe a bench and a cupboard made of used and repaired bicycle inner tubes.