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Melissa Rotta Loria

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Birth date 10/02/1982
Job Project Manager Retail
Type Creative
School Central St. Martins College of Art and Design, London - Istituto Europeo di Design, Turin
Specialization Interior Design, Temporary Space and Exhibition Design, art director, Concept designer

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    Window shopping for the sales

    January, 27 2012 • 10:00

    At last the Sales are on! Looking at the windows it’s possible to see funny solutions to introduce this awaited shopping moment. The use of “cheap” and “poor” materials like saw, work tools, wooden and cardboard shapes is a perfect idea to communicate the cut of the prices. Hung cotton sacks with graphics printed on them are able to transform the usual 2d writings and banners in volumetric messages. Look at this window dressed like a circus: no products are displayed. This is an interesting way to attract customers inside the shop to discover the products. Now it’s time for you to get your best bargain!

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    Shop Windows At Christmas Time

    December, 20 2011 • 00:00

    Strolling through the streets of New York City at Christmas time, you can see the most spectacular shop windows of the world. Every year during this period flagship stores and department stores in 5th Avenue show beautiful window installations where three dimensional shapes, sounds and lights become the protagonists of the streets. Not only the space inside the window but also the façade is decorated by big shapes and colors representing the visual identity of the brand. New York City New York City The challenge is to attract the customer’s attention with great and exciting ideas to produce a “wow effect” inside the viewer. The lights are one of the most attractive ways to create an amazing atmosphere. Colored LED lights, LED tiles and projections are used in retail design to decorate shop windows above all in this period of the year. New York City New York City New York City Retail design is today one of the most challenging and complex areas of interior design which involves the client, the consumer and the environment with its technological, ecological and social-cultural aspects. First of all, it’s important to have an idea of the commercial aspects of the retail field. Consumers are not only simple product buyers, but people with feelings, desires and expectations. They want to live an “experience”. The “customer journey” begins from the outside where the customer is invited to enter the shop to celebrate the purchasing moment. For this reason it’s very important to create a strong visual, spatial and communicative expression. Therefore retail design is much more than designing and/or decorating a space. The design process starts with an analysis of the brand identity of the client and ends with the purchase of the product. There are lots of ways to create this interest in the costumer, not only through the use of technologies or expensive means. Many boutiques create exciting window decorations thanks tools like paper, cardboard, old furniture, recycled objects, vinyl. The goal is to leave in the customer a memory of the brand and to offer a great and unique experience. This Christmas, take a walk through the streets of your city and discover the multitude of details which decorate the windows of your favorite shops! London London London Turin

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