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Marcio Wilges set out to Sydney, Australia half a decade ago with a dream to set up his own business which would help people in some way or another, and when he arrived, he employed all of his Business Management skills to start up his own company in Platinum Removals - a leading moving and removals company servicing all the major suburbs of Sydney! Being a person who found it very important to be presented with good service and impeccable standards of operation, he endeavoured to implement these values into his company which thrives on its interactions with customers on a day to day basis. Besides efficiency to get the job done, Marcio wanted to make sure that everybody knew that when his removalists attended to a job, there was no doubt to how things were going to be carried out and the level of satisfaction that customers would be left with when everything was done and completed! You can rest assured that things will happen according to your specifications, because right from the get-go, our consultants will get in touch with you to find out exactly what you need and cater to your every requirement. Whether this means that you need extra hands to help you pack before moving day itself or even for our strong men and women to help you arrange your furniture after its delivered to your new home, we can arrange for things to be taken care of! Our professionals have years of experience on their hands and you can be assured that the Platinum Removals team is adept at handling whatever situation comes our way. Through wet weather and congested hallways and even if you’ve got sensitive equipment and artwork that needs to be transported, we’ve got the right tools and know-how to get the job done.

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