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The form of the shelf depends of its content. According the distribution of weights the surfaces of Plexiglas reinvent their curves as the structure of the shelf has no "stable form". The form of the shelf can be also modified by adding or removing the surfaces of Plexiglas; or by changing the positions of nuts.

suspension lighting "METAL NEST"

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The suspension lighting “METAL NEST” is about turning waste into a filter of light. In this particular case it is about reusing waste of an office environment - metal ring-binders. The source of light is surrounded by reused metal ring-binders. The method of construction reminds the method of construction of nests – reused materials found in the surroundings are stacked around something to protect. In this way kind of a filter of transition is formed for the heated filament wire by a glimmering mesh of metal ring-binders. The filter is never finished, as one can always continue to add metal ring-binders… The object by itself isn’t significant – important is the way to conceive it.


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The depth of the shelf is determined by the amount of wooden bars. In other words, the width of the whole set can be modified by adding or removing the wooden bars. Some of the wooden bars are not a part of the primary structure – the bars form the surfaces that can be fixed at any possible angle by a simple system of nuts.