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Luca Toniolo

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Born in 1985, Veneto, Italy. In 2005 he graduated in Advertising Graphic and in 2012 he obtained a Master Degree in Architecture at I.U.A.V of Venice. His background sees him initially in the graphic and advertising field which proves to be indispensable to reinforce his projects in architecture and design even today. This trend is reinforced also by numerous independent publishing projects. In 2010 he moved to Holland and the collaboration with the Rotterdam Maxwan Studio let him to get closes to what is a more international style of architecture and design. In 2012 he moves back to Italy, and more precisely in Milan, where he works as Architect and Visual Designer. Moreover his second passion in Scenography and Set Designer have allowed him to to get engagements as Stage Designer for independent short films and the feature film "Ritual" with the participation of Alejandro Jodorowsky. His primary interests still remain Architecture and Design, disciplines that accompany him since school to everyday life through self-produced " Useful" objects made made to respond to a need and inspired by the materials and forms that break accidentally but powerfully into everyday life. Today he is a collaborator of Alberti Architect, with whom he worked for the recovery and valorisation of several Palladian historical buildings and Museum installations. His idea of architecture is expressed by the 'self-publishing "Yack and Exhibit" of 2012, which literally means "Chatting and discuss" and it is summarized by the notion that anyone can be, if well educated, the architect of himself. Quoting the words of Bruno Munari: "The knowledge of the design method, of how you do or understand things, is a liberating value: it is a "do yourself" by yourself. " "

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Birth date 24/11/1985
Job Architect
Type Architect
School Architect - Visual Designer
PressReview Pubblicazione “Forme in scena” Teatro provvisorio 2010 "Die Neue Italienische Architektur" Poster inusuali sull'architettura 2011 “Aut of Focus” A Cheap Laser Print Show Superfluo 2012 Lampada “Vela” Euroluce 2013
Philosophy progettare è farsi contaminare dagli oggetti e dai messaggi che irrompono nella nostra quotidianità nei modi e attraverso i mezzi più imprevedibili
Specialization Architectural Design, Interior Design, Preservation and Restoration, Interior Design, Exterior Design, Children Furniture Design, Temporary Space and Exhibition Design, Design of Everyday Things/Objects, Children Objects Design, Design with innovative materials, Graphic Designer, Lighting design
Style Modern, Fusion, Vintage, Minimal



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“Qui” "Vela" e "Turn" fanno parte del progetto di lampade da tavolo Alines. Il progetto parte dal presupposto di creare attraverso un numero minimo di lavorazioni un prodotto dalle linee semplici, essenziali e senza tempo. Vogliono essere dei “sorreggi lampadina”, non hanno un verso e la loro versatilità permette di variare l’intensità della luce in base alla posizione con qui è posizionata L’essenzialità delle lampade è portata all’estremo attraverso la colorazione in tinta bianco opaco che rende ancor più neutro il suo impatto riducendo le rifrazioni luminose della lampadina e dell’ambiente circostante. Tutta l’attenzione si concentra sul Portalampada e sul cavo elettrico in cotone colorato ( disponibile in 3 colorazioni per permettere una personalizzazione maggiore da parte del cliente ). Vela Euroluce 2013 - Pad13 Stand H02 Manufactured by WAYPOINT Designed by Luca Toniolo


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