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Luca Gnizio

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Born in 1981 and Milanese by adoption, Luca developed strong artistic abilities from a very early age. After graduating in Industrial Design in Milan, he began to work in the field of prototype development for large companies and interior design. He went on to work in the development of packaging and interior and industrial design. Since 2007, Luca Gnizio has dedicated himself entirely to FordesignFor, which he founded with the desire to create environmentally friendly and sustainable products to carry clear social and educational messages.

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Birth date 08/07/2012
Type Creative
Philosophy FordesignFor seeks to use recycled materials from various industrial sectors and employs energy from renewable sources, the idea being that of transforming what are commonly viewed as waste products into useful objects of beauty, giving them their rightful place in daily life and showing that using recycled materials by no means implies products of a lower quality, but rather winning, quality products which carry with them principles of responsibility for the protection of the environment.
Specialization Interior Design, Glass Art Design, art director, Lighting design, Concept designer



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The ForDesert “Chaise Longue” has a structural skeleton made from small iron plates which allow the anchoring of a tangle of used tyre material. The colour and freedom of movement of this tangle of material create a mutating sequence of shapes which lead to the desert sands which are in perpetual movement and at the mercy of the winds. For Desert is a protest against the progressive desertification of the planet and of the impoverishment of water supplies upon which survival depends. Constructed entirely from recycled materials. Seat made from small metal plates salvaged from building sites Nylon tyre cord fabric salvaged from tyre manufacturers Steel spring catches


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Forstreet is a chair made from road-surfacing asphalt. Its message is to highlight various aspects of contemporary lifestyle, including the unchecked use of motor vehicles and the relative CO2 emissions which accumulate in the atmosphere with serious consequences to the health of both the environment and humans. Other contributions to the dangerously high levels of CO2 are the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, the opening of new wells and new “cathedrals” dedicated to progress and the devastating effects on the planet’s ecosystems. Constructed entirely from recycled materials; Iron bars recovered from reinforced concrete are used for the main structure; Steel sheeting from metal cabinets form the seat and back of the chair; A layer of asphalt - recovered from road resurfacing - lines the seat and back; A coat of transparent water paint protects clothing from staining; Rubber tips from recycled walking sticks are used for the chair leg feet;