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For the last ten years I have been working as a life coach where I am truly passionate about helping people change their lives. I especially enjoy supporting people with their health as I truly do believe it is essential to approach things from a holistic point of view. I recently started a challenge where I invited people to do 30 days of yoga that will help cleanse their life. Here are some of their reviews about it: I've been trying this life coaching program with you for a while now and it really works. Bit worrying when you do that hands in front thing and then go down on your elbows!?!?!? Best will in the world it is never going to happen for me but hey, I do what I can manage and that feels good. Thank you

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Job Life coaching
Type Architect
SpecializationText life, life coach, life coaching, coaching, help, success, inspiration, motivation, goals, healthylifestyle, goalsetting, mentor, coachingservices, health, fitness, happiness, counseling, therapy
School Accredited life coach
PressReview I would like to Start with reading, I remember I was a huge bookworm during a certain stage in life, I used to read a chapter a day from any book(self-help/motivation/fiction) I used to enjoy that a lot and at the same time, I developed certain skills I didn't know I had). But at the same time, I have always LOVED dancing. Can you please guide me as to whether I could start both within a short interval like a month or so, or do I aim to reach automacity with one of them first and then only start the other? need to improve on my social skills and develop my life in a lot of areas that require me gaining in knowledge [practical knowledge] and being able to sifter and control what I take as necessary thinks for me. Can you help me with some necessary books in this direction?
Philosophy I have actually been going to gym and eating healthy now for three months, I have been reading my self on my morning communte for a month. I had to start this habbit because data was to expensive and my commute killed it. The this week I actually started meditating. With that said, I am still struggling with breaking the bad ones. If what you say is true then why am I struggling. So for me, Fitness has already been something I've been doing since I was 6 because I was pushed by my dad, so does it make it viable for me to start another keystone habit now or should I work more on my diet first. Because for some reason my diet isnt that up to par as I would like it to be, but I do eat considerably healthier than all my classmates, so any advise?


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Some of my clients get confused as to how this all works ever since I took my life coach certification they have asked me: what does a coach do really? In the end, I believe that we help people become more motivated, build better habits, become disciplined, and help them achieve their goals. Definitely *FITNESS*, specifically running. Running is my "keystone" habit. I also read and meditate but running is the one habit that makes all the difference and makes everything else that I do less of a burden. If I only read or only meditate I just don't get the same benefits, but if I run then this permeates in very positive ways through the rest of my life. The result is that meditation and reading seem easier and more natural to do. For me meditation/reading do not make me more motivated to run. In any case I am not knocking meditation or reading. Added in with the running meditation and reading definitely make me much more emotionally strong. There have been a couple of times where I have injured myself as a runner so I have to be careful in the future to maintain strength and flexibility. In the past I've only focused on running but this time around I'm including the strength training and stretching to support the running. It will become even more important as I get older. This is not a 21 day habit, nor something I would just do for a year and then just stop. It really is a habit that needs to be maintained throughout your life. It sounds painful and overwhelming in the beginning to think that far ahead since we are so used to getting our fix without having to wait but over time you complain less and less about it and really start to see how your whole mindset shifts and you realize the putting in the effort is very much worth it. You do get the feeling that brighter days are ahead and that even if dark days do come you'll have the strength to deal with them.