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Kaigami Ltd

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Kaigami Ltd, designs, develops and produces in house/batch production, lighting and home ware for every area of the common home as well as developing innovative products for the mass market. Since Kaigami Ltd began in December 2009 it has achieved the design and development of 8 light shade designs which are for sale in high street stores and online internet home furnishing websites.

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Birth date 13/01/1978
Job Founder, Director and Designer at Kaigami Ltd
Type Creative
SpecializationText manufacturer
School Gold Smiths College - London
Customer John Lewis
PressReview Elle Decoration
Philosophy A Concept for Creation KaiGami (KG) was created by Guillaume Lyons and draws inspiration from one ancient source. Whilst KG’s approach to creating design objects is similar, it produces its own unique style. Below this source and the difference between it, and KG have been outlined. Origami - Invented in the Far East - China AD100 The name KaiGami was inspired by the ancient art form known as origami. While the precise origins are obscure, it is believed that it was created in AD100 shortly after the invention of paper making by T‘sai Lun. Some say the art of paper-folding spread to Japan in AD600. KG echoes origami in the idea that one can create an object from a flat piece of malleable material. That’s as close to origami as KG gets, however, since KG creates objects that go beyond ornamentation, as each design created has a specific function to the end user. Also while origami relies on a square, rectangular or triangular shape, KG does not. The “Kai” in KaiGami means cut in Japanese as well as meaning other things. To create a piece of KG sculptural design one must cut a profile, which can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical, from a piece of flat malleable material before the final process of creation begins. Once cut the profile is generally bent into shape rather than folded and this bending gives each design curves and a volume that is quite unlike origami’s angular ornaments. The KG method produces exciting designs all with a similar stylistic flavour!
Style Ornamental, Modern