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    Luno container by Martin Jakobsen

    October, 2 2013 • 10:00

    Czech designer Martin Jakobsen created Luno, a glass container with a cork ball that serves as a lid.         Inspired by the Ludo board game pieces, he used natural materials such as glass and cork to create minimalist lines and ergonomic shapes.         "In this case, cork was definitely what I needed. It is a sufficiently soft material and very good combination together with glass"         Images from Dezeen  

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    Folded concrete stool by Sam Jennings

    September, 10 2013 • 10:00

    By studying the movement and folds of fabric, Sam Jennings, contemporary furniture designer from Falmouth University, created a stool that does not follow the standard rules of design.     With the use of a special material called Concrete Canvas TM, Sam moulded the legs of the stool into a soft drape mimicking the shape of unfolded fabric. The wooden seat sits perfectly on the apparently soft folds, connected via a loop in the wood.         Concrete Canvas TM is a material usually used in the civil and construction sectors to rapidly build shelters. It is a flexible cement impregnated fabric that becomes hard when wet to form a thin, waterproof and fireproof durable concrete layer.     Concrete Canvas Building Cladding. Image copyright Concrete Canvas     Concrete Canvas Sangar Reinforcement. Image copyright Concrete Canvas

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    New school furniture by Studio Brichetziegler

    September, 4 2013 • 10:00

    September is back-to-school time and students are getting ready for a new year of learning and development.     The students     To lighten up the classroom environment, Studio Brichetziegler was invited by the Seine-Saint-Denis General Council to develop a project with students from the Jean Moulin Junior High in Montreuil with the aim of redesigning the furniture and interior space of a typical classroom.     Panel made of acoustic textile,      Students and teachers in 4th form had the opportunity to talk and interact with Studio Brichetziegler, proposing improvements, expectations and participating in the creation of furniture prototypes.     Chair with coat hanger     What came out from this “In Situ” residence is a series of objects designed to be functional as well as decorative: a chair with coat hanger and footrest, a desk with special bag hooks, wall panels made of special acoustic fabric, paper lamps for soft lighting and a woven plastic carpet for the floor.     Teacher's desk     Student's desk     Full of colour and life, these objects boost the classroom space with creativity and fun, wouldn’t you just love to go back to school?     Teacher's cupboard     Embroidery clock on wall panel     Images by Aranud Sabatier + Baptiste Heller

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    The Fabulous Frozen Factory by Jakob Gomez

    August, 13 2013 • 10:00

    With the summer upon us we all would like to eat a lovely ice cream, but would you be tempted to try a cryogenic one?         Mexican interior designer Jakob Gomez was inspired by this new ice cream preparation experience to design the Fabulous Frozen Factory in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico. The renovated warehouse is a space where the customer can see exactly how the cryogenic ice cream is created thanks to the large-scale machine placed in the middle of the room.       “The machine design was based mainly on the operation and reading service, making reference to games of Mexican fairs and also element materials of ice cream prepared through nitrogen.”         With colourful Kitchen Aid appliances and stainless steel fittings, the look is that of an industrial warehouse, while the LED lighting re-creates the typical local carnival vibe.       Images copyright Jakob Gomez

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    Beach Library by Matali Crasset

    July, 26 2013 • 10:00

    One of the best things about a beach holiday is the amount of time you have to relax and read a book in the sun.   But what happens when you forget the book at home?         Designer Matali Crasset has come up with a creative solution, the Mobile Beach Library. Currently situated in France, on the shores of La Romaniquette in D’Istres, the ‘bibliothèque de plage’ is a colourful and humble canopy that provides around 300 titles, including novels that the designer feels particularly close to.         Made to fit in with the other local kiosks, the large canopy protects the books and visitors from the scorching sun, while the three surrounding tents provide a place where the readers can sit and relax in the shade.          Image © Philippe Piron

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    I used to be a washing machine…

    July, 23 2013 • 11:00

    What can you do with an old and broken washing machine? Throw it in a landfill or recycle it?         Jerusalem-based industrial designer Antonina has found a fun and interactive way to up-cycle your washing machine and avoid polluting the environment with unnecessary rubbish. With some simple DIY work, dismantle the machine and follow the online manual, you will be surprised how easy it is to transform it into a series of chairs for the home!                         Images © Antonina Video © Tony Grigorian  

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