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Giorgia Paganini has a passion for the study of light that has guided her training and professional career. Born in Padua, with a degree in architecture from the IUAV in Venice, she has worked with large architectural firms and companies operating in the domestic lighting industry. In 2011 she founded Prodottadagiò, a company that designs,manufactures and markets lighting equipment characterized by design that seeks minimal geometric perfection, at harmony of form and a lightness , with particular attention to detail and technique. These elements, essential for an object as simple and neat as can arouse a feeling vibrant and joyful, are distintive feature of her style. Prodottadagiò is committed to the creation of a high quality product, both for the selection of quality materials from leading companies, both industrial production and craftsmanship that takes place on site, thanks to the presence and abundance of resources where the professional abilities and skills are now well established, we are in fact in the Veneto district in that part of the territory between the Paduan, the Venetian and the Treviso area that is highly specialized in the field of lighting; finally each product is registered by certification as a guarantee of safety, and by the patent as a guarantee of protection.

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Type Creative
School Architect
Specialization Interior Design, Lighting design
Style Modern, Minimal



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Spigolo is wall and ceiling lamp for indoor with diffuse lighting, is made up of two diffusers, one irregular polyhedron of colored trasparent glasses and one internal pyramid of etched glasses, containing LED warm light. The craftmanship is with Tiffany technique. The soldering becomes structural rib of lamp and at the same time it's a incisive graphic sign that marks the edge of glasses. The glasses, different, for shape, dimension, color, inclination, make unique each part of Spigolo, which reassembles and reorders due to the internal geometry; as the external diffuser looks like a bubble ready to move away so that internal symbolically more solid holds, in a play of transparency and opacity, in which the overlap of elements produce new shades and reflections. .


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A continuous succession of discs in transparent plexiglass , perpendicular to each other, distributed in an endless interwoven game, supported by the force of four steel inox cables. Strength, lightness, transparency are the characteristics that describe well Discola , the floor lamp for indoor; a column that is an architecture of light, from a geometry of perfect forms and intersections. In the continuous succession of disc, the basic element of decorative and structural stuck in horizontal and vertical, five light bulbs inserted in an absolutely symmetrical and transparent manner, supported by the socket as transparent as the other electrical parts, while preserving the precise and ordered composition of the work.