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Elisabetta Mattiello

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Birth date 28/12/1977
Job Architect & Interior Designer
Type Architect
School IUAV-University of Architecture, Venice
Specialization Architectural Design, Interior Design, Garden and landscape Design, Children Furniture Design, Design of Everyday Things/Objects, Children Objects Design, Design with innovative materials, Lighting design
Style Modern, Fusion, Vintage, Minimal, Elegant Country

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    Patricia Urquiola for Kvadrat, her first textile design collection

    May, 24 2013 • 10:00

    Acclaimed designer Patricia Urquiola presents, in collaboration with Kvadrat, her first textile design collection.   5 graphic motifs proposed: Grid 1+2, Matrix, Memory, Drops e Winding, abstract designs that combine sophisticated hues, a pleasant feel to the touch and a strong sense of depth and volume. The collection includes curtains and upholstery fabrics characterized by an apparent randomness that hides the order and regularity of the plot.     Matrix    The upholstery designs Grid 1+2, Matrix and Memory all feature a digital look and come in complementary colours. While Grid 1+2 and Memory are upholstery textiles, Matrix can be used both as an upholstery fabric, as well as a curtain. The curtains Drops and Winding, are characterised by their airiness. Both feature coloured stripes, which stand out on top of a transparent background. Thanks to their individuality and vivid expressions, the Patricia Urquiola collection is ideal for hospitality venues and private homes.     Drops     Images:

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    Creativity lives here: LAGO - Play the Change

    April, 26 2013 • 10:00

    During the Fuorisalone 2013, the LAGO Apartment, located in via Brera 30 Milan, was literally transformed into a laboratory open to the public and to all sorts of creative contamination.   Photo by Elisabetta Mattiello The slogan chosen by LAGO for this event is Play the Change, which well represents the intention of the Paduan Company to be an engine of change, opening itself to new ways of understanding design, focusing on people and reinterpreting living spaces as a whole in line with changing needs of contemporary people.     Photo by Elisabetta Mattiello       Daniele Lago said: “…design is culture when it is well done. Design has the power to produce meanings…” “…When we started to think about our production line, we thought that it would be interesting for the user, purchaser, architect or interior designer to take the lead. We design alphabets, not slogans that must be true, that are self-determining and unchangeable …”     Photo by Elisabetta Mattiello A large-scale change that involves makers, craftsmen, architects and interior designers to re-design a new way of living the house, and to lay the foundation for a strong community that, starting from the values ​​shared by the Company, is able to take the initiative and to be the central player of a new vision of living, less self-centred and more responsive to the real needs of the people.     Photo by Elisabetta Mattiello Daniele Lago said: “…The inner fire of the people is the real intangible capital that produces value, innovation and creativity…” … I am a warrior of “the person in the middle” ideal, I like all the projects that have to do with human beings..”   Photo by Elisabetta Mattiello Two projects were presented during the days of the Fuorisalone: LAGO MAKERS LAB and RE-DESIGN.       LAGO MAKERS LAB – Play the Materia     With LAGO MAKERS LAB, LAGO intends to recover the ability of "know-how”, so important for Italy, with a collaborative project between makers and craftsmen specialized in the processing of different materials. The best pieces originating from this project will start up the collection of “LAGO Objects”, which will be on sale from May 2013.     Photo by Elisabetta Mattiello RE-DESIGN – Play the Imagination   LAGO Images Daniele Lago said: “…in Italy there is shortage of “chefs”. Very few things are designed by interesting chefs, and nobody talks about this anymore. People talk about the ingredient, the table, the chair, and they never talk about the balance between them, like in an orchestra…”     LAGO Images This project has the ambitious goal to redefine the standards on the future of interior design through the creation of an international community of professionals. To achieve this goal LAGO organized two design workshops during the Fuorisalone and a series of informal discussions that took place in the Apartment. In both cases, the characteristic of this process was the contamination of ideas between the designers and specialists from different disciplines, such as sociology and economics, and through their culture baggage to be able to animate extraordinary reflections, to give new life to a sector that perhaps is still too self-referential.     LAGO Images      

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    Pibal: Philippe Starck’s solution for bike-sharing

    April, 10 2013 • 10:00

    From the encounter of Philippe Starck’s genius, in collaboration with Peugeot, and the demands of the citizens of Bordeaux to be able to live the city in a more comfortable way and move through the busiest streets more easily, was born Pibal, a bicycle-scooter.       Le Pibal, vélo urbain idéal di villedebordeaux       Indeed, from the people’s responses collected by the authorities, Philippe Starck designed this bike and defined it as:     “A rustic beast, solid and rural.”         Pibal with its agility and lightness will integrate with the stock of bike-sharing services available to the citizens of Bordeaux.         The novelty of this vehicle is that it is a "hybrid"  species that, thanks to the platform placed between the pedals and the front wheel, allows to pass from cycling to skating to walking while holding the bike with one hand with great agility, allowing the person to face any type of route within the city. Pibal, with its particular bright yellow wheels, takes care of safety and visibility in traffic!     Source: and

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    DIY effect for Bobina Design by Emiliano Bona

    March, 1 2013 • 10:00

    DIY means “DO IT YOURSELF”, but it also means modifying and repairing old furniture by transforming an object into something different, giving it a new life and function. This is the mood of Bobina design by Emiliano Bona, creating furnitures and objects with a unique and original look by using poor materials.   Gargantua bookcase and Pantagruel table   Each object is self-produced and assembled manually. The material used is 90% recycled and it comes largely from industrial coils used for electric cables, from which the project is named. It originates from the desire to combine design, environmental and creative recycling.   Zivago lamps   The project is based on the importance of attention to details and the creative use of materials commonly considered waste.   Bocar chair and Bondolo rocking chair In the collection each furniture has the name of a literary subject or author dear to the designer, in order to create a link between literature, visual arts and applied arts.   Godot bench The coils for electrical cables and packing crates are no longer used and transformed through the industrial processes, but through craftsmanship.   Bobary table

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    Origami Chair by Sooin Kim

    February, 15 2013 • 10:00

    Origami is the ancient art of folding (ori) paper (kami) until a simple sheet is transformed into a 3D frame. For many years, now, Design has employed the art of transposing the countless types of folds onto a larger scale making it suitable to use for furniture and objects of daily use. This technique, that does not require glue or screws, has the great advantage that it can create low-cost design objects, it is reversible and eco-sustainable, and it can potentially be reused infinite times. Origami has also been applied to chair design.       An example is the concept chair called “Cardine”, developed by Korean designer Sooin Kim. It is a folding chair formed with only 1 sheet of plastic and two pairs of velcro that in just a few seconds can be opened or closed as you like.       Images by

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