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Claudio Cappelletti and Manuel Castellino are young design professionals with complementary expertises and individual qualities. Their skills are reflected in the partnership with companies and design studios for product development and engineering and communication design. At the same time through home crafting they satisfy their need for independence in creating, rediscovering the pleasure of the approach to the matter and the use of things they have made. Since 2008, they share a minimalist design approach, yet emotionally charged, that shuns the temptation of mere aestheticism toward the high functionality.

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Job Industrial design
Type Creative
Style Modern, Vintage, Minimal


LIGHT 9487

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The lighting system Light 9487 is the first creation of a design exercise using recycled materials. Unserviceable water hoses get new life, they leave hard dictates of fire prevention becoming flexible and dynamic lamps. Light 9487 unwinds, rolls up, climbs and comes down, jumps, ties itself, adjust to surrounding environment, conquers the space with its informality and harmonizes there stylishly. It is a poetic approach between two world unsuited by nature: water and electrical. It is an emotional metaphor, the essence of Light 9487.

WALL 9487

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Wall 9487 is a wall-case, a decoration, it is the proof that recovery can give new life to waste materials. The fire hose hangs on cylindrical wall brackets, it defines oblique surfaces, tops and compartments. Contents weight keeps structure stretched and gives it stability.

@ 9487

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Working on waste material without wasting further material. That’s the objective. The holder @ 9487 is the result. It consists in fabric wasted in manufacturing Light 9487. @ 9487 is faithful secretary, an anti-stress, a playmate. An iconic pen holder.


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Spouses in a free-standing versions, suspension and floor, Gerla is an iconic product, intended to evoke the woven wood basket typical of rural life. The spiral, apparently created by craftsman, is the result of a detailed feasibility study by the industrial reality of spring makers.


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Technical and aesthetic qualities of Cristalplant are valued in the form of linear and clean legs bolted directly to the slab. The upper trim comes in different materials, from glass to wood, material finished by traditional cutting processes. It is the combination of different materials to distinguish Christine from traditional Cristalplant products: not a single material object, but a wise combination of finishes and colors.


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Ianus is a double-function table, its surface can be turned from flat to centre-piece equipped. Lift and turn: Ianus is double-faced.