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Birth date 21/12/2012


MAELSTROM by Maria Pia Pagliaro

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Water like a symbol of obsessive research of a hole in the texture of reality. Research of that fragility showed not even in its last structure always morbid and changeable, unique and multiple at the same time. A substance in state of perpetual creation in which one can make experiences of each accidental entity in it contained. A liquid reality, a mirror in which anything it’s a transitory image percept as stable only in memory. What could ever determine time of permanence if not the intensity of a wish? A profound wish not human that holds what loves and loves what holds for eternity.||||||||||||||||BIO: The artist started working for photography and advertisement between Paris and New York. In 1990 moved to Amsterdam where she lives and works since then.she became official photographer of the ballet company “Opus One”, worked as a fotographer for P. De La Parra and for “Nederlandse Film & Televisie Academie”. She exposed at the Nederland gallery “7thSense” (2009), she took part at the itinerant event “4Tuned Cities” that took places at Prishtina, Amsterdam, Sarajevo, Skopje (2010). In Italy she expose at art gallery “ISI Arti Associate” (Naples 2011).||||||||||||||||INFO WORKS: Size: 120 X 90 cm | Technique: color photo printing mounted on aluminum plate with UV-protective film | Edition: unique pieces.