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Anna Vilar

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I'm a veterinary specialized on exotic animals

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Job Veterinary
Designer Ettore Sottsass
Style Ethnic, Country


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A dream

4 photos

Laura Ashley style is one of my preferred

Country poetry

5 photos

A cottage with a poetic ambient

Dinder House

11 photos

A historic Georgian building in Somerset, England. Completed in 1801 for the Rev. William Somerville, it sits on 23 acres of landscaped and walled gardens, in a valley with a Constable-worthy view of the church spire in the village after which it is named. Like many large old English houses, Dinder House was converted to commercial use in recent times, but in 2004 it was bought by Chris and Jo Mycock, the owners of a successful I.T. company and converted in a family house.

A Stockholm apartment

5 photos

Anna Maria Odeholms’s duplex apartment of 151 sq m. This duplex interior is a mixture of styles and personal taste of the owner.

Iris apfel Manhattan apartment

5 photos

Iris Apfel eccentric three-bedroom Manhattan apartment, a Park Avenue aerie she shares with her husband. Iris Apfel is a legendary style icon and living legend. Althought Iris is mainly known for her dressing style, her apartment demonstrates that dressing is just one form of creative expression. Another important one is interior styling.