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Andrey Privalov

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Privalov Andrei, designer, architect. Education in Kharkov State Academy of Arts and Design. Graduate Diploma (Bachelor's) industrial design. Currently doing interior design, product design. Member of the Union of Designers of Ukraine.

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Job designer
Type Creative
Style Ethnic, Minimal, Neoclassic, Modern


light KITE

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Kite flying is a sense of freedom. I wanted to convey all of these emotions in the lamp "KITE".


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MOBIUS - lamp made ​​of 3D printing. The light source is LED panel. The technology allows you to "print" almost any form! This gives unlimited possibilities for the design and Release of products in small batches!


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His Lamp Light Ball we really made 3 points shot. The simple and intuitive design, imprinted sportswear moment of luck and skill, make this a memorable piece of furniture. The grid is made of metal rods, which have elastic properties and take the form of a round bowl.