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Recycling is a language in its own right; by reusing existing materials we can create a surprising effect that bestows individuality on an object. Behind the words “sustainable development” and “eco-consumerism” lie a new form of production. ART TERRE's work-plan upholds the following principles: “To convert waste into a resource and transform it into an object of design, to offer an alternative consumerism that is sustainable and responsible, to minimise our ecological footprint by working along on the principles of eco-conception, reducing the distance between the different stages of production (primary materials, manufacturing, packaging and storage) and favouring the use of single materials… But also to work with local SMEs, social enterprises and the ESAT, a French non-profit organisation helping disabled people back into work. We have to take care of people as well as the planet!”.

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Birth date 01/01/2008
Fair MAISON & OBJET, NOW design à vivre


CYCLO, ecodesign coat stand

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Made from salvaged bed slats and a bicycle wheel thatcan be used as an occasional shelf. Made and designed by Extramuros, a social enterprise in Paris. The conservation of our forests takes time : its fabrication takes place in around 20 stages!

CORBEILLE A4, ecodesign wastepaper basket

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Made from salvaged bed slats and cleverly designed by Extramuros, its A4 format enables it to hold around 1000 pages for recycling! It can be used also as a magazine holder.