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General Terms & Conditions



1.1 The Internet web site "" (hereinafter the "Site") is owned and managed by Signet Srl, with the registered office at via Principe Amedeo 12, 10100, Turin, Italy (hereinafter "Signet").

1.2 The general terms and conditions (hereinafter, the "Conditions"), together with the privacy policy and information document on personal data pursuant to article 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003 published on the Site, applies to the use by users (hereinafter, the "User") of services provided by Signet through the Site (hereinafter, the "Services") and of any information, text, graphics, or other material uploaded to, downloaded from, or published on the Site (hereinafter jointly the "Contents").

1.3 By registering with the Site or using the Services, the User agrees to be bound to the Conditions as well as to any changes and/or integration to the Conditions in case executed by Signet after the registration of the User.

1.4 The obligation to comply with these Conditions thus extends to services provided by the Site in the future unless otherwise provided at the time of the first supply of the new service or upon the User's registration.

1.5 If the User does not accept these Conditions, he or she should refrain from accessing the Site and completing the registration process required for use of the Services.

1.6 The User may register with the Site and use the Services only if he or she is in the position to enter into a binding agreement with Signet by the acceptance of the Conditions and is unable and without capacity to enter into agreements pursuant to Italian law or other laws if applicable. If the User registers with the Site in the name and on behalf of a company or other entity, he or she shall be duly authorized to and have the capacity to bind such person or entity. If not, the User is not entitled to accept these Conditions which, in any case, shall bind the subject in which name and on behalf the User has acted.

1.7 The Conditions may be amended by Signet at any time, either by the inclusion of substitutive or supplemental provisions relating to one or more Services, by publishing an updated version of the Conditions on the Site. Therefore, the User should read the Conditions periodically in order to be apprised of the latest terms and conditions of use of the Site and Services. The access to the Site and the use of the Services after the abovementioned changes shall be deemed as full and unconditional acceptance of the Conditions as modified and/or amended by Signet.

1.8 In the event specific terms and conditions are published on Site pages in relation to the offering of certain products or services, such terms and conditions shall prevail on the Conditions to the extent they shall be in conflict or inconsistent with the provisions of the Conditions.


2.1 The Site is a community that aims to provide its Users with an online destination at which to gather and share content related to design sector. This platform allows operators and design lovers to be in touch each other and Users to attend events, develop relationships, exchange information, ideas, and suggestions about all aspects of the design (furniture, design, architecture, etc..).

2.2 Services covered by these Conditions are free of charge.

2.3. By registering his account on the Site, the User acquires a personal and not transferable right to use the Services provided by Signet.

2.4 These Services include the right to create a personal profile on the Site where to upload the Contributions as defined below, the access to the agenda of events, to the profiles of the other Users and to the publishing contains with the possibility to build a network of privileged contacts with other Users.

2.5 After the registration, at any time the User may request the deactivation of its account by sending a notice by e-mail at [●].

2.6 The Services are provided "as is" and "as available". Signet does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, availability, timeliness, continuity, affordability and reliability of Services and of the Contents of the Site. Signet also does not guarantee that the Services will meet User's requirements or shall be available without interruption, securely, or error-free, and is not responsible for the loss or failure to store or transmit the Content and other communications maintained by the Services.

2.7 Signet will not be deemed as liable for any direct or indirect damage to User's computer or for any loss of data or other damage resulting from accessing to the Site and/or using of the Services and/or its Content.


3.1 The User represents and warrants that:

i) he or she will use the Site in accordance with the provisions of these Conditions;

ii) the information provided through registration with the Site is accurate, truthful and precise and will be promptly updated if changed, either through the Site or by providing written notice to the address [●];

iii) he or she will ensure that their password to access to the Site and to the Services is kept confidential and securely and is aware that the password is personal and not assignable and that the User may be deemed liable for any abuse and/or breaches of these Conditions or legal provisions due to third parties through the utilization of the assigned password to access the Services and to use the Site;

iv) he or she is entitled to use and dispose of Contributions – as defined below - published on the Site under all the necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions.

3.2 By accessing or using the Site and the Services, the User undertakes not to:

i) Use automatic devices, software, or other systems that could damage or catalogue the Site or any information contained therein or interfere with the functionalities and/or Services of the Site;

ii) Use the Site Contents or engage in activities such as framing the Site or its contents to represent as though it was owned by himself or by other  subject other than Signet and/or Inner Design and/or creating or compiling a database of the information stored therein, or performing any type of activity that competes with the Site;

iii) Enable links to any content if the Site as if it was a link connected to own Contribution – as defined below – or to any contain owned by third parties or connect any link to the Site and then connected the same to other sites;

iv) Upload, transmit, or send advertising, spam, chain letters, or other forms of unsolicited communications;

v) Upload, post, or otherwise spread Contributions – as defined below – and/or comments or illegal content that might be vulgar, obscene, libelous, pornographic, defamatory, offensive to common morality and public order, or otherwise prejudicing the rights of third parties, or inciting to hate and to spread messages of discrimination of any kind, or with religious content;

vi) Breach the rights of third parties, including the right to privacy, copyright, trade secret and any other intellectual property rights or other third party rights;

vii) Misrepresent the own identity and/or perform acts aimed at extorting money, passwords or personal information;

viii) Breach the terms of this Conditions or other applicable statutory provisions;

ix) Publish, sell, trade, or exploit the Site and/or the Contributions in any manner, except as expressly authorized by Inner Design;

x) Upload viruses, worms, computer code, files, or other items that may cause damage to the Site, software, hardware, telecommunications equipment of third parties.

3.3 If the Conditions have been breached, Signet is entitled to engage in any action deemed as appropriate in order to prevent any unauthorized use or access to the Site, including, without limitation, the adoption of technological protection measures, reporting to the competent authorities the User's conduct or disabling the access to the Site and the Services, without any notice.


4.1 During the using of the Services, the User may publish texts and audiovisual contents on the Site, such as text (information, comments, ratings, and hypertext links), images and video (hereinafter jointly the "Contributions").

4.2 The User acknowledges his or her sole responsibility for the Contributions published on the Site. Signet has no control on the Contributions does not approve them nor assume any liability with regard to them in the event of any breach of third party rights.

4.3 At any time, Signet may remove or amend the Contributions of the User and/or disable the access to any User's Contributions in its discretion, without notice and without liability towards the User. In particular, Signet reserves the right to remove, amend, or disable the access to any Contributions of the Users if:

i) The Contribution breaches the provisions of the law or other statutory provisions if applicable;

ii) The Contribution infringes the intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties;

iii) Any judicial or other competent Authority requires to do it;

iv) The Contribution is misleading, false and/or incorrect, inappropriate for the purposes of the Site, or may constitute a crime or is obscene, defamatory, or illegal, or has been altered through the introduction of viruses or other elements harmful to the Site, Users and other Contents.

4.4 The User acknowledges and agrees that Signet is not obligated to treat the User's Contributions as confidential. The User retains ownership of the property rights over his contributions and grants to Signet a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, transferable and irrevocable license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, distribute, publish, display and play in public User's Contribution.

4.5 User Contents made available by Users or by Signet through the Site is solely for personal use. Users are not authorized to resell or make commercial use of any Contents posted on the Site without the written consent of Signet. Therefore it is not permitted to use information, texts, images, videos and any other contain published on the Site for whatever reasons and purposes, either by publishing them in whole or in part on other websites or by releasing or disclosing the Contains by any electronic or paper means.


5.1 Users may publish or share on the Site hyperlinks and references to third-party web sites or resources. These links do not constitute endorsement by Signet either in respect to such sites or resources or in relation to the contents, products, or services made available over which Signet has no control and for which it assumes no responsibility. Therefore, any products or services offered or promoted through web sites of third parties are in no way endorsed, sponsored by, or supported by Signet and the User assumes full responsibility for any use or purchase of such products or services.

5.2 When connecting to third-party sites, User agrees to leave the Site at his own risk and agrees that Signet cannot be deemed as liable in any way for the functioning of such other sites or the contents published on them.


6.1 Signet does not guarantee the accuracy or the timely updating of information or editorial contents provided by the Site, for example news, commentary, rules, competitions, contracts, training, or event details.

6.2 Signet makes accessible to Users the information provided by the other Users of the Services.

6.3 Users are entitled to consult free of charge the profiles of other Users in order to communicate with other Users and build a personal directory of contacts and addresses to which to send potential requests for information.

6.4 The information contained within the profiles is provided directly by Users and is not subject to prior verification or monitoring by Signet, which performs only an authenticity check on the existence of the email communicated by User at registration with the Site. Therefore, when registering on the Site, Signet cannot guarantee the accuracy and the fairness of the data published on the profiles or the authenticity, accuracy of description, or existence of any goods or services described and promoted within the Service, the responsibility for which is entirely that of the Users.

6.5 Therefore, the User undertakes to keep Signet harmless from any claim, complaint, or legal action connected with the use of the Contributions provided by them and/or by the other Users.


7.1 The User is responsible for Contributions uploaded and notices sent to other Users within the Services and agrees to use the Services only for lawful purposes as permitted by applicable law, usages, and customs and rules of due diligence and fairness, without prejudicing third-party intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties. The User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Signet and its directors, shareholders, representatives and employees from any claim and/or demand and/or legal action and any damage (including attorneys' fees) arising out of or relating to – directly or indirectly - the use of or access to the Site or Contributions published or disclosed therein which are not compliant with these Conditions or any applicable law.


8.1 To the extent permitted by applicable law, Signet shall neither be held liable to Users or any third party nor shall indemnify any damages, claims or losses, direct, indirect, additional or consequential or of whatever nature (including but not limited to damage for impediment of the right to access, use, as the case may be, of the Site and/or the Services, damage to image, loss of data, loss of business opportunity, loss of profits, business interruption or the like) arising out of the utilization or of the impossibility of the utilization of the Site and/or the Services or of any other functionality provided by third parties through the Site or of any possible not authorized access to the personal account of the User, also in the case in which Signet has been informed about the possibility of rising up such damage related and/or connected to:

i) the malfunctioning of electronic equipment owned by the User or any third party, including Internet service providers, telephone equipment, and/or computers unmanaged  by Signet or people for whom it may assume responsibility;

ii) the insufficiency of electronic means of communication for reasons beyond the control of Signet including, without limitation, natural disasters, lack of energy, lack of telephone lines or other network service providers, failure of computers and/or other electronic devices even unrelated to the interruption, malfunction of software installed by the User and the actions of other Users or other persons who have access to the network;

iii) the Contributions uploaded and/or shared by Users through the Site, for which Signet has not assumed responsibility or verified the legality, accuracy, timeliness, completeness, reliability, truth or usefulness, the sole responsibility for which rests with the User;

iv) Further breaches of these Conditions and any other legal provisions if applicable.

8.2 Signet shall not be obliged to indemnify (i) any fraudulent acts due to its employees, agents and/or Users of the Site, or (ii) any incorrect representation released fraudulently by Signet's employees, persons in charge as appointed by Signet and/or Users of the Site or (iii) any possible disclosure of login and password and all of the information provided by the User by the Site to third parties, by User and/or its employees and/or persons in charge appointed by it.

8.3 Signet has no direct access to the communications and information exchanged between Users and cannot take action with respect to transactions which originate through the Service for example, in the context of forwarding communications to Users. Therefore, Signet may not be held liable as an agent or intermediary in relationships between Users.

8.4 The responsibility of the User's relationships with other Users and third parties through the use of the Site and/or the Services shall be borne by the relevant Users exclusively. Signet reserves the right, but has no obligation, to intervene in any way in these disputes.


9.1 Any logo and trademark Inner Design, registered or not, published on the Site by Signet, the company name Signet S.r.l. and the domain name as well as any other intellectual property rights are owned exclusively by Signet. Any reproduction and/or not previously authorized use by Signet of logo, trademark, sign and/or words Inner Design as trademark and/or log and/or company name and/or as domain name or other distinctive sign are forbidden.

9.2 The pages and graphics of the Site, illustrations, pictures, multimedia contents (video/audio) and information constituted by and made accessible through the Site are in the title of Signet exclusively.

9.3 Any operations of reproduction, modification, distribution, or dissemination of the Site are prohibited, without prejudice to the activities of downloading and displaying of the Site content for personal and noncommercial purposes only and, in such cases, provided that the material in question is in no way modified and all information related to intellectual property or industrial rights are maintained with an indication of the source by inserting a hyperlink to the Site

9.4 The extraction and reuse of all or of a substantial part of the Users' profiles, including the extraction or re-utilization of insubstantial parts of the relevant content whereas such activities are repeated and systematic, are prohibited.

9.5 The obligations undertaken by the Users pursuant to this article shall survive also after these Conditions shall not be in force for whatever reasons.


10.1 The invalidity of one or more provisions of these Conditions shall not cause the invalidity of the entire Conditions and/or of the other single provisions herein contained. In such event, the parties shall be obliged to act in good faith and in a constructive manner, in reasonable time in order to reach an agreement to substitute the void provisions with others as valid, which shall be able to achieve the purposes of the void provisions to the wider extent.


11. Any provision, set forth herein in the Conditions, whose validity by its nature after their termination, shall be in force between Signet and the User.


12.1 These Conditions shall be interpreted and governed by Italian law. In case of conflict of interpretation between the English and the Italian version of the Conditions, the Italian text shall prevail.

12.2 For any disputes arising, for any cause or reason, regarding the interpretation and/or performance and/or validity and/or the end of this contract, the Court of Turin shall have exclusive jurisdiction. In the case in which the conciliation procedure in accordance with and within the meaning of Legislative Decree No. 28/2010 becomes effectively and functionally enforceable, the Parties declare that, in the case of any dispute arising for any cause or reason regarding the interpretation and/or performance and/or end of this contract, the conciliation procedure shall be activated at the Chamber of Commerce of Milan before resorting to the Ordinary Courts. It is agreed that it shall not be necessary to resort beforehand to conciliation in relation to requests for payment injunctions and/or cautionary and/or urgent measures.

Pursuant to and within the meaning of articles 1341 and 1342 Civil Code, the User expressly declares that it approves the following sections: 2.5, 2.6, 4.3, 6.1, 7 and 8.

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