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Are you a designer, supplier or manufacturer of great designs?

Would you like to sell your great designs?

Read the instructions below and become an Inner Design partner in a few steps!

  1. 1

    First step: get on board

    • Join our community by registering as a Designer, Brand or Retailer.
    • Then upload your portfolio of designs or products onto the PORTFOLIOS section.
  2. 2

    Second step: introduce your selling proposal

    • Describe your product by filling in this PDF form and send it back to
    • If you are going to submit more than one object, please fill in a form per product .
      In order to fill in the form, you should have these information:
      1. 1. Product
        • Weight
        • Size
        • Volume
        • Materials
        • Colours available
        • Description
      2. 2. Type of production
        • Limited EditionHow many pieces do you have in stock?
        • Mass ProductionDo you have any dead or exceeding stock to sell off at a special price?
      3. 3. Packaging
        • DescriptionMaterial(s), weight, dimensions
        • Pictures
      4. 4. Price
        • Ordinary price to customers
        • Ordinary price to retailers
        • Price proposal to Inner Design
  3. 3

    Third Step: Selection

    Items for sale are selected by our staff on the basis of their availability and whether they are consistent with the shop’s goals.

For any further information contact us at

We are waiting for you!