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Where do I buy Danish furniture from 50's and 60's???

Asked by Andrea Rota in Furniture wanted | December 6, 2011 12:16
Where do I find original danish furniture from 50's and 60's???

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9 Answers

20100 Design Retailer Milan, Italy

Hello Andrea,
if you look for original furniture (used) you can try on eBay websites or on Auctionata ( ) which is an Auction website who collects also bids online. Here you can sometimes find original danish (or italian) pieces.

If instead you look for modern danish Designers reproductions you can still find them on eBay or a wide range of ecommerce websites mainly based in UK and Italy which are the two leading countries for these products.

Lucia Rota Press Torino, Italy

Ciao Andrea, try on Deconet too (, there you can find a good selection of vintage/modern design from everywhere. Maybe you can find what you are searching. Good luck!

Doriana Manzella Creative Brussels, Belgium

You can also find a good selection at Mauro Bolognesi, a shop in the Navigli area in Milan. I love it. Here is the website:

Tom Drumer Design Lovers Zurich, Switzerland

Dear Andrea,
if you have any chance to go to Paris, here is really interesting the Market of Saint Ouen (tube station Porte de Clignancourt - ligne 4), for sure you can find some nice furniture.

Dalia Lombardi Design Lovers Milan, Italy

Ciao Andrea,
give a look there

DAL NORD Design Lovers Torino, Italy

Ciao Andrea, I am just new to this community so apologize if this reply is coming too late.
I totally endorse "Deconet" and Spazio900 already suggested, although on the first you are more likely to find good deals if you are willing to accept the shipping charges.
I can also sugget of a gallery in Sassuolo, ( Modena) run by Francesca Gatti Tel. 335 8192641
Checkout her site at

best luck and let us know what did you pick in the end!

Tracy Oliver Design Lovers Toronto, Canada

I inherit my parents furniture. I have a Danish teak table that my parents bought in the late 60's. I also have my parents bedroom set that is white blond finish. This set is from the 50s. Where do I sell these items???

Frank Welch Brand Chicago, United States

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Frank Welch Brand Chicago, United States

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