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Looking for a Lamp!

Asked by Giorgio Galimberti in Furniture wanted | March 7, 2012 17:25
Do you know where I can find a table lamp that does not occupy much space, like a flat 2d lamp?

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5 Answers

Benedetta Maggi Press London, United Kingdom

I saw this at London Design Festival... It is also featured in the Corner:
Nepa Lamp” by Giles Godwin Brown (

Dalia Lombardi Design Lovers Milan, Italy

This is from Laumur:, i believe in collaboration with Tom Dixon

Inner Design Press Torino, Italy

Dear Giorgio, have a look at the portfolios of Inner Design and you can find an answer. For example: Go and discover the other products of the Community :-)

William Stevenson Design Lovers London, United Kingdom

This is not 2D, but it is anyway a great space-saving lamp by Japanese designer Kouichi Okamoto (Kyouei Design)

BobbyGustin Design Lovers ,

There are many online website shopping websites where you can buy any kind of lamp that you want to keep in the room. Recently I have seen some 2D lamps in help with assignment writing services they are quite affordable and looking pretty too, do check them out.

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