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Asked by Dalia Lombardi in Furniture wanted | March 2, 2012 16:27
Hi! I wonder if you can help me. I am looking for a bookcase for my new flat, the problem is I have tons of books but a very small flat. Do you have any suggestions? I am looking for something original but also practical.. Looking forward to hear from you! Thanks :) Dalia

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8 Answers

Benedetta Maggi Press London, United Kingdom

Hi Dalia! Did you know that I just bought a book on this topic?!
It is called 'Bookshelfs' by Alex Johnson, a blogger/writer for The Indipendent and has now published his first book. Check out his website: it might give you some ideas :)

MOMU Brand Torino, Italy

If you want something different look our 28books... really original!
If you need more information contact us

Dalia Lombardi Design Lovers Milan, Italy

Thank you! Will send you an email!

Inner Design Press Torino, Italy

Did you see the Reditum' idea? Take a look!

Dalia Lombardi Design Lovers Milan, Italy

Of course! That is a great idea! I will try and pass by the Rossignoli shop during milan design week to check it out :-) thanks

arianna vivenzio Creative Rome, Italy

elastico bookcase

Luigi Giugliano Design Lovers Napoli, Italia

Puoi utilizzare gli spazi sulle porte delle stanze inserendo dei ripiani ben ancorati alle pareti. Specie se esiste un corridoio, questa soluzione lo arricchisce anche esteticamente.

Paul D. Mansfield Design Lovers Terreton, United States

It is very good thing that you own a new flat and ready to shift your stuff into it. It has been good that if you provided more 9information regarding book case. My suggestion is that check in furniture blog in internet and there you can see good varieties of book cases from them you choose your liked one.

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