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AT&T email account doesn't work?

Asked by email help desk in Other.. | June 6, 2019 07:47
In the never-ending degradation of Yahoo Mail, the ability to consolidate mail seems to have been sabotaged again. I've spent the better part of the afternoon trying to find someone who knows enough about the webmail client to at least open a trouble report but no one seems responsible. I also connect with the AT&T email help desk team. I used the "Accounts" entry in Settings to add two other ATT accounts. Until Christmas Day, I could "Check Mail" and pull mail from those other accounts into my mailbox. This no longer works. For one account, I get an error message about the server name, for the other nothing happens. Click here to get AT&T support phone number. The pop mail server shown is pops:// If I change it to, I don't get an error message but get no mail either. Does anyone know how to get this back working?

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