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3 Reasons Workers Are Quitting Their Jobs

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The fact that today's job market is strong is a good thing for workers but a tricky thing for employers. That's because ample opportunity can lead to higher worker turnover, thereby costing companies money and subjecting them to periods ridden with aggravation. In fact, 47% of employees are currently considering quitting their jobs, according to a recent survey by job site, and almost 35% of employees are so desperate to leave that they're willing to resign without having another job already lined up. Not only that, but once employees get the urge to leave a job, they tend to act pretty quickly. In the aforementioned survey, the average full-time worker took eight weeks between realizing he or she was ready to quit and actually serving an employer with a resignation notice.

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Compensation. For 24.5% of workers, the desire to quit a job boils down to money, or a lack thereof.
A toxic work environment. About 17% of workers seeking to quit their jobs cite an unpleasant work environment as the reason why.
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