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event in Milan

Asked by Alma Duka in Locations for events | December 9, 2011 01:14
Is there any event of design in Milan?

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11 Answers

Inner Design Press Torino, Italy

Dear Alma,
we will add some events in Milano in few days. In any case if you have any suggestion please go in the section "Agenda" and create your suggested events, after an editorial editing, we will publish them.
Thank you and have fun!

Inner Design Team

Tom Drumer Design Lovers Zurich, Switzerland

Me too I'm interested on Milano Events, I'll be there at the end of January. I know there is in the same period MACEF fair, I will try to create this event for the community :-)

komuniko Brand Naples, Italy

John J. Smith Design Lovers , United States

Milan is city were we can see international fashion in it. I have seen lot of designing event and attend some them when I was doing my fashion degree in Milan University. You can get the information of event from is legit blog were the organizers post their schedule and dates of events in that blog.

GIBSON LYNCH Brand Hyderabad, India

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