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Forstreet is a chair made from road-surfacing asphalt. Its message is to highlight various aspects of contemporary lifestyle, including the unchecked use of motor vehicles and the relative CO2 emissions which accumulate in the atmosphere with serious consequences to the health of both the environment and humans. Other contributions to the dangerously high levels of CO2 are the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, the opening of new wells and new “cathedrals” dedicated to progress and the devastating effects on the planet’s ecosystems. Constructed entirely from recycled materials; Iron bars recovered from reinforced concrete are used for the main structure; Steel sheeting from metal cabinets form the seat and back of the chair; A layer of asphalt - recovered from road resurfacing - lines the seat and back; A coat of transparent water paint protects clothing from staining; Rubber tips from recycled walking sticks are used for the chair leg feet;

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