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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Introduces the Glory of Canada

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Canada is all equipped and about to take over the world through its politeness. In the latest teaser of Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, a sneak peek of the Canadian civilization was offered to the world. The game is as cliched as it can get with the depiction of the country as every possible stereotype that can be imagined. In the Canadian edition of the game, the country will be led by Wilfrid Laurier, who is known for his endeavors to unify the English and the French in Canada. Wilfrid’s ability enables gamers to purchase snow and tundra tiles at half the price and double the resources gathered from these tiles. This Unique Ability is known as ‘The Last Best West.’ Through Laurier, gamers will finally be able to build farms on the Tundra terrain. The exclusive feature released in Canada goes by the name of ‘Four Faces of Peace.’ Through this inclusion, Canada can not only declare surprise wars on other nations but is also immune to any external surprise attacks. This brings peace to a whole new level in the Civilization franchisee. Canada will be earning bonus Diplomatic Favor and extra Diplomatic Favor on the basis of per-turn Tourism and completion of Scored Competitions and Emergencies respectively.


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