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The evergreen project comes to life from the observation of the widespread Down syndrome and how it transforms normal human beings in very special people, in “evergreen” boys and girls: souls too big to be contained in a normal human body. With new products of the evergreen collection, Ilaria Innocenti and Luca Scarpellini undertake a study of this phenomenon, realizing design objects that contain two opposing worlds inside at the same time. Just as the children with Down syndrome, for which there is a different evolution of soul and body, the contents and the container of these new products come from two opposing categories. “With this line we tried to create objects whose new feature was the exact opposite of the starting one – say the two designers – and we are constantly working to enrich the evergreen catalog of new, fun and meaningful products.” Lightboards which force us to handwrite on an old computer monitor and coffee pot and cups impossible to fill because turned into a sound systems for ipod are just the beginning of evergreen products, signed by useDesign and ilaria.i.


Dalia Lombardi Design Lovers Milan, Italy

What a great concept! Where can I find your products?

useDesign Studio Brand Rome, Italy

Hi Dalia!
You can find some products of mine in my webshop on If you're searching for a specific useDesign piece that's not in the webshop, write me and I'll tell you where you could find it!
Thanks for like our work. Follow us also on our Facebook page at

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