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Marmeled Lamp

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Jellylamp Brand

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Small, coloured and brilliant: we are talking about Marmeled, first product of the Project Jellylamp, originally designed lamps that combine the brightness of leds and the infinite potentialities of jellies. This is an idea by Semiki, aka Laura Menichelli and Gianluca Ruocco Guadagno, a couple of Venetian designers whose strongest belief is that of independent and accessible design.


Doriana Manzella Creative Brussels, Belgium

The Marmeled lamp! A very juicy idea indeed ;)

Lucia Rota Press Torino, Italy

A nice idea! Can I find your Jellylamp in Milano or Torino? Thanks

Tom Drumer Design Lovers Zurich, Switzerland

Nice! Where can I buy them?

Inner Design Press Torino, Italy

@ Lucia: you can buy Jellylamp in Torino in the following shop:
De Carlo
Via Cesare Battisti 5 - 10123 Torino

Jellylamp Brand Venice, Italy

Hi guys, thanks for your nice comments!
We are currently working on the sales network. You can find a list of stores and distributors that currently sell our lamps at this link:

You can also buy Marmeled online on the same site or through our Facebook page:

Continue sharing this! TNX

Ethna Midgett Design Lovers Chicago, United States

Fantastic idea!

Linda Martin Creative Paris, France

Great idea, it is so cool !

PerkerBen Creative Quapaw, United States

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maxxjohnson Creative Karachi, Pakistan

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