Marc Pascal – Kinetic lighting series

March, 27 2013 10:00

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Marc Pascal is a Melbourne based designer who, among other projects, also focuses on lighting design. His pieces are generally created from thin plastic that is cut into a series of different figures, generating gorgeous shapes, which come in every possible colour.


Orchid Lamp



Enchanting might be the right word to describe Pascal’s work, especially looking at the three pieces in his Kinetic Series: the Eyoi Yoi lamp, with figures shaped as butterflies, the Xploff lamp, with circular petals, and the Orchid, where every single flower is different from the other, making every creation unique.


Eyoi Yoi Lamp


As Pascal says “Each lamp is hand-made and dyed and can be customized to your taste, producing an individualized mix of colors and shapes and an emotionally engaging statement piece for residential or commercial spaces.”


Xploff Lamp


The lamps are made with hand-dyed polycarbonate and stainless steel spring wire and are all available as pendant, table or floor lamps.


Orchid Lamp



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