Ascète: New Collection of Lamps

November, 8 2013 10:00

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Pierre Gonalons, product and interior designer, creative director and scenographer, set up his own studio in 2004 called Ascète, just one year after graduating from Ecole Camondo in Paris.

His vision of design combines the decorative arts with minimalist lines, creating objects and furniture that link the past to the future while concentrating on the expression of materials and its multitude of uses.


This year, Ascète presented 4 new families of lamps: Blow, Poise, Midnight and Shade.



Blow is a rocking table lamp with a transparent polycarbonate sphere that can stand upright or can be tilted to create a swaying effect.




Poise is a fully flexible table lamp that can be shaped to your needs thanks to its tube-styled support.



Midnight is a table lamp covered by a blown glass dome and a wooden base that re-creates the romantic effect of street lighting at night-time.


Shade is a classic mushroom shaped abat-jour that lives beyond trends and fashion.




Images © Ascète