The digital and social experience of architecture: Rkm0

February, 28 2014 10:50

Posted inArchitecture

In a digital and full shared world, could architecture and urbanization escape from a digital and social experience? Obviously they couldn’t.


Our Cities continue to be the center of economic and social development and are asked to be always bigger and more effective, though it's quite clear that they are, as many other systems and processes nowadays, overfilled and saturated. What is the most suitable development model to adopt? How can we redefine what we already have avoiding the waste of new resources? The answer is: re-purposing. In a 2.0 world it better sounds like: cooperated and shared re-purposing, paying attention to sustainability and responsibility.

Many virtuous ideas are coming alive and many startups are growing with the aim to optimize urban existing resources -by reallocating and restructuring old buildings and abandoned spaces- and to maximize and facilitate the cooperation among local suppliers and professionals -by offering a digital platform where to meet and make decisions-.


One of them is Restructuring at Kilometer Zero - Rkm0 - an Italian startup that focuses on the redevelopment of existing buildings, as strategic factor for the urban growth and for a better quality of life.


Rkm0 is a digital hub that facilitates the encounter between supply and demand -boosting especially the meeting among local resources and expertizes- in the field of private and public buildings renovation.


All the stakeholders involved in this process (owners, architects, engineers, construction companies, real estate companies, final buyers...) can connect to Rkm0 and cooperate in the name of sustainability.  


The most creative and sustainable projects will also be rewarded.


In a digital and full shared world, architecture and urbanization can't escape from been translated in a digital and social experience themselves, but creativity and talent remain always the X factors to success.