Karuizawa Museum Complex

February, 19 2013 10:00

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A few days before the 102nd anniversary (14/03/2013) of the birth of Akira Yoshizawa, the most popular Japanese master in the art of origami, it is most appropriate to mention the recent work of architect Hideo Yasui: the museum Karuizawa is a hymn to the art of origami, and so to the Japanese art and culture, that find in this ancient tradition one of its greatest expressions.



The words of the author make us better understand the simple but effective inspiration which gave birth to a remarkable work of synthesis between antiquity and modernity.

 “The inspiration came from ORIGAMI, the well-known Japanese paper craft technique, which I united with the nature found in the site of Yatsugatake mountain area in Nagano. Since the facility is located next to the world famous Japanese artist/painter's museum, I wanted to harmonize Japanese traditional element and Japanese modern aspect and create an unique architecture. 
I totally wanted to differentiate my work from the museum designed with lots of curves; I used straight lines to make a significant contrast, while showing its originality, but still, I think my work has a well-balance with the museum. I would say developing ORIGAMI object to a real architecture has been a big challenge; at first, I created objects from paper with ORIGAMI technique, then I developed the structure to a real architectural one by playing with different triangular parts.”

Words by the author of this project, realized in the occasion of his anniversary.






photographer: Nacasa & Partners inc via architonic