#DDW2012 Eat, Drink Design

October, 29 2012 10:00

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What impressed us most here at Dutch Design Week 2012, is the level of integration of design into daily life. Dutch people live public spaces very intensively. They love eating, staying together and shopping in the same place that is, try to guess, well designed and organized. It's very easy to come upon very nice concept stores, that represent a successful pattern here in Eindhoven. But we will talk more in depth about concept stores in the near future, promise. The point is that design is the glue able to put together effectively different living functions. That’s why often public spaces are also design spaces.


Eat, Drink Design in the Inner City Area of DDW is a post-industrial location, property of KAZERNE AND LOODS, hosting a great design selection and turned into a multifunctional space for the occasion. This edition aims to be a pilot for an enduring version of Eat Drink Design plus: Kazerne & Loods, international Platform for the Creative Industries.

The effect is very, very nice! Curators did really a great job, because they managed to transform a dismissed, rough and bare place into a very refined, chic one. With an open cooking area, a long, solid table for enjoying meals, plants, lights and corners of amazing poetry.


We tried to do our best but –trust us- pictures don’t actually render the vibe of this place as lovely and stylish as it really was.



This corner is particularly suggestive, it really impressed us.

Unbearable by Alexander Pelikan

Photos by Lisa Klappe


Location is amazing, but all exhibited designs are hardly less so.

Storage Chair by Sander Lucas

Monk by Kranen/Gille

Sèvignè by Thomas Eurlings

Chair 01, Stool 01 by Daphna Laurens

Levels-Falling water by Ontwerpduo

New found treasures by Klass Kuiken and Dieter Volkers

Quilt Jewelry by Alissia Melka-Teichroew