December, 13 2013 10:00

Posted inInner Ideas

Sometimes it happens that you wake up with a sense of anticipation and possibility, as if something good is about to change your life and this is giving you the chills.
In Flemish there’s a word for that feeling: “ochtendstond”.


Ochtendstond. is also the name of a young Belgian collective that puts together designers and artists, whose goal is precisely to recreate that genuine sensation through simple and emotional design that touches a variety of fields: from furniture to interiors, from graphics to interactive installations.





The collective has given birth to works that enhance the strength of primordial, industrial and post-industrial materials, such as Scandinavian wood, metals, ceramics, concrete and reused materials: the Sisters’ lamp series explore the relationship between cold metal and warm light bulbs, while the Lukas bench and chair play with geometry and modularity.





Next projects include the collective exhibition in the striking atmosphere of Chateau De Pélichy, the Gent Festival competition on sustainable design and Milan’s Fuorisalone 2014.